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Building a Sex Crimes Defense in Spotsylvania 

Under Spotsylvania law, a sex crime is any criminal offense that has some type of sexual element to it. They are usually types of intimate, violent, or special relationships between the alleged perpetrator and the alleged victim or some type of sexual action involved.

Building a sex crimes defense in Spotsylvania can be stressful without the knowledge of a local lawyer. Considering the severity of charges and social stigma, it would be in your best interest to contact a distinguished sex crimes attorney for any charges you may be facing.

Prosecution Treatment

Judges treat these cases very seriously, because of the victim’s perspective and the other penalties the defendant will face. Such as a significant amount of time, a significant conviction, and social stigma attached to it.

Judges want to make sure that nothing like what is alleged to have occurred will happen again, not only to that specific victim, but to the community as a whole.

They are certainly concerned about the safety of the community and are going to treat the case more severely on individuals who are convicted of this type of offense.

Defense Strategies for Sex Offense Cases

Building a sex crimes defense in Spotsylvania is based on the facts of each case. They are very uniquely tailored. There is no catchall defense that an attorney can do for a sex offense case.

If somebody is charged with rape, for example, there are certain elements of that charge that the prosecution is going to have to prove. The defense attorney has to poke holes in the prosecution’s evidence.

An experienced defense attorney in that situation will gather evidence in order to disprove or dispel the idea that any kind of offense occurred. This could be eye-witness testimony, DNA evidence; some kind of video; or a statement that the accuser made, later on, recanting their first statement. It really depends on the specific issue of the case and the specific charge that the individual has pending against them.

Type of Evidence Presented in Court

In sex crime cases, the evidence that is typically presented is eye-witness testimony. That is usually of major importance because most sex crimes are reported by a third party. Also presented is physical evidence like, DNA, a rape kit, fingerprints, and bruising.

All medical science that exists to examine the evidence is going to play a huge part in the case, such as lab results, lab testing, and DNA testing. Also taken into account is whether or not those procedures were executed correctly or match up to make the evidence point toward the defendant’s case.

Role of a Lawyer

An experienced criminal defense attorney will first file a bond motion. Normally, individuals are held without bond in these types of cases, so filing a bond motion to get that individual out of jail would be his first priority.

The attorney will actively investigate the facts of the case to preserve evidence, like eye-witness testimony, and any video that could be helpful. DNA testing should be performed right away before something happens to it.

In alibi cases, a timely and aggressive approach to investigating evidence is extremely important when building a sex crimes defense in Spotsylvania.

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