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Following a Spotsylvania Sex Crimes Arrest

Following a Spotsylvania sex crimes arrest, an individual can contact a lawyer as soon as possible. This time will vary depending on when the person is arrested and where they are being held.

The charged person may go a day without having access to a phone. It depends on the situation, circumstances of the arrest, and then how busy the jail is at that time. It is important to contact an experienced sex crime attorney who can help you mitigate these charges.

Processing an Arrest

Usually, following a Spotsylvania sex crimes arrest, the individual will most likely be held either without bond or will have to go in front of a judge who will set bond.

In that situation, the individual will be brought in by a police officer, taken to the magistrate’s office first where the Magistrate will usually decline to set bond given the fact that is a sex offense.

The individual will be processed into the local jail and be held pending their arraignment and bond motion. Sometimes there will be no bond given in certain situations and the individual has to file a bond motion.

Value of a Lawyer

It is important to talk to a lawyer before speaking with authorities. If a charged person speaks with the authorities, things that the individual says can be misconstrued. The authorities can trick the charged person into saying something that will ultimately incriminate him or prevent them from providing a good defense at trial.

Speaking with a lawyer can mitigate the damages that are being compiled and can prevent a charged person from saying things that are going to further incriminate them. They can start undoing some of the damage that was already made following a Spotsylvania sex crimes arrest.

Importance of an Alibi

The attorney will be able to do damage control following a Spotsylvania sex crimes arrest and start to build a defense. The sooner a charged person talks to an attorney, the sooner they can go ahead and look at things like alibi evidence or suggest DNA testing.

Alibis, eye witnesses, and DNA testing are really time-sensitive defense evidence. The longer a charged person waits, the more likely evidence is to be destroyed, misconstrued, or otherwise lose its evidentiary value for the defense at a trial. The attorney can get on top of it before it is lost forever, becomes tainted, or becomes incredible from the jury’s perspective.

Impact of Being Charged with a Sex Crime

An individual should contact a lawyer right away and avoid making any statements whatsoever about a sex crime or potential sex act, following a Spotsylvania sex crimes arrest.

Anybody could be a potential witness against a charged person, meaning, anybody that has been around them could be taken in or questioned with regard to this case. A person should not assume that the charge will all just go away because the impact can be pretty far-reaching.

Sometimes the damage to the person’s reputation and the conditions surrounding the offense are enough to make them lose their job or potentially lose their standing in the community. The consequences are extremely far-reaching even if they are found not guilty.

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