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Domestic violence is a term that encompasses violence within the context of different types of relationships in the state of Virginia. Any charge can be a domestic violence charge as long as there are certain types of relationships between the individual who is accused of it, the defendant, and the individual who is the alleged victim.

Domestic violence can be between individuals who live together, who cohabitate, who have some protected relationship, including family members, immediate family members, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or other types of relationships that could potentially fall under that. If you or someone you know is charged with domestic violence, contact an experienced attorney. A Spotsylvania domestic violence lawyer may be able to help you build a strong defense.

Things to Expect When Accused of Domestic Violence

A person accused of family violence can expect to be arrested. It is rare for an accused person not to be arrested when there is some domestic violence offense. There is no law stating that a person accused of domestic violence must be arrested, but law enforcement tends to arrest a person accused.

Additionally, there is going to almost always be some type of protective order that goes along with that. It is usually a situation where somebody is going to have to leave their house and live in different places if they are accused of a domestic violence crime. If the accused is later proven to be innocent while the protective order is in place, they will not be able to stay at the location where the alleged victim is staying.

Duty of Law Enforcement Investigating the Situation

It is the law enforcement’s duty to fully investigate all sides of the situation without bias. In some case, it may be hard not be biased, but law enforcement must hear out all parties before deciding whether or not to make an arrest. A skilled Spotsylvania domestic violence lawyer can attempt to fight diligently to protect an individual’s rights, and build their case.

Domestic Violence Issues Concerning the Community

If the community chooses to rally against a person because they find them dangerous, it becomes harder for that individual to get bond. It also becomes harder for them to get custody if they have a custody issue later on. A conviction will definitely complicate any custody, or other legal matters, in the future.

By maintaining innocence in a domestic violence case, a person will be able to not only claim innocence but also public perception. In the eyes of DPS, Child Protective Services, and any divorce proceedings, one must be mindful of the perception of civil court who is working on any custody and/or divorce issue because the court has the right to hold that against a previous of domestic violence.

Benefits of Contacting a Spotsylvania Domestic Violence Lawyer

Having somebody who knows about domestic violence and the laws around domestic violence is important especially when there is a general public dislike and community dislike for someone who is charged with domestic violence.

There is the public popular idea that somebody who is charged with domestic violence is presumed guilty, and in some instances, that bias will spill into the jury. That is why it is imperative to contact a skilled attorney. A Spotsylvania domestic violence lawyer may be able to properly handle that bias and build a strong defense for you.

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