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Roommate violence is considered to be a form of domestic violence. If the roommate is considered to be a household member and has been living on the property so a certain amount of time, the charge could be counted as a domestic violence. Roommate violence in Spotsylvania county can be a meddlesome charge to deal with. However, an experienced attorney may be able to provide some more information. Contact a Spotsylvania roommate violence lawyer to know more.

Under what Circumstances Could Roommate Violence not be Considered Domestic Violence?

If the living situation is temporary or the individual involved in the situation is not a household member as defined under Virginia law, then it could potentially be a situation that could result in a domestic violence charge. If somebody is a temporary roommate, they do not have a lease and are just staying in the household for a few days, this could result in a charge that is not domestic violence. The longevity of the person staying in the household plays a significant role in the treatment of the case.

The two involved parties must be cohabiting the property either at the time of the crime or within the previous year they cohabited.

Other Ways of Classifying a Violence Charge

If the crime is not characterized as domestic violence, it will most likely end up as a regular violence charge. It could also be potentially charged with assault and battery. This is highly dependent as to whether or not one of the parties is considered to be a roommate under Spotsylvania County Law.

Immediate Consequences of Roommate Violence

An immediate consequence could potentially be a protective order taken against the individual charged.  In that particular situation, the individual who is a victim could still get a protective order against them, which could mean that they might not be able to go back to the house with the lease on, they might not be able to go within a certain distance of that individual, or they might still be ordered to pay their share of the rent or to pay the utility on the house. It depends on what the charges are and what is alleged in the protective order.

Importance of Contacting a Spotsylvania Roommate Violence Lawyer

If somebody is charged with domestic violence and they find a lawyer who specializes in roommate violence, they should be very suspicious. There is no differentiation between the two other than the differentiation that exists between domestic violence and regular violence. Somebody who is a criminal defense attorney who deals with this type of situation may know how to defend somebody on this. The only difference lies in what the prosecutor has to prove and whether or not the accused is a household member or is a family member.

If you are currently facing a roommate violence charge, contact an experienced attorney. A Spotsylvania roommate violence lawyer may be able to work with you to build a strong defense.

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