Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring recently detailed a series of initiatives to combat a rise in fatal overdoses of heroin and prescription opiates. Herring broadcast his five-part action plan on Sept 8, at an annual conference of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police in Roanoke. According to the Virginia.
A federal judge has extended a moratorium on executions in Ohio as recent changes in the state’s lethal injection procedures are examined, according to the Associated Press. Judge Gregory Frost issued a one-page ruling on Aug. 8, extending a temporary freeze that was originally put in place following the bungled execution.
An autopsy report has revealed that the IV used in the execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma last month was improperly inserted, according to the Washington Post. Lockett, who was convicted of murder and sentenced to the death penalty, writhed and groaned in pain on the gurney after the first lethal.
An Oklahoma man’s heart attack Tuesday following a botched lethal injection has sparked has renewed debate over capital punishment and the methods used to implement it. According to the Washington Post, Clayton Lockett — who was convicted in 2000 of shooting a woman and then watching as she was buried alive.
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