There is a large variety of kinds of cases in Virginia. The ones that I think you see most commonly are alcohol-related offenses, so DUIs, DWIs, drinking while drinking that sometimes they called that an open container charge, drunk in public, those are common. Lots of drug charges.  In our.
If you have been accused of a criminal offense in Virginia here's what you should know about what the prosecution needs to prove in court. To learn more or to seek experienced legal representation schedule a free consultation with a Virginia criminal lawyer today. What Does The Prosecution Have to.
The online community was buzzing the other day about a story of a man who, according to the website DCist, was naked and doing push-ups in the middle of an Arlington street when he was stunned with a Taser gun and arrested by police. The Arlington.
There is no question that DNA evidence has helped a great many innocent people achieve exoneration of criminal charges, some of whom have spent decades languishing in prison. A fair number of people have also been arrested and convicted based on the compelling nature of DNA evidence, which brings us.
George Zimmerman, the Florida man who made national headlines when he gunned down an unarmed teen because the boy was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and, according to neighborhood watch volunteer, looked suspicious was back in the news last week for allegedly threatening to shoot a man. The alleged victim in.
Last month we were reading one of the local Virginia news sources,, and came across an article discussing the drop in DUI fatalities over the past decade. It was ten years ago that the city of Norfolk, Virginia suffered the tragic loss of a young life in a terrible.
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