What Are Some of The Most Common Criminal Cases That You’ve Seen in Virginia?

Most Common Criminal Charges in VirginiaThere is a large variety of kinds of cases in Virginia. The ones that I think you see most commonly are alcohol-related offenses, so DUIs, DWIs, drinking while drinking that sometimes they called that an open container charge, drunk in public, those are common.

Lots of drug charges.  In our country and in the Commonwealth of Virginia particularly, we’re still at a point where there are many drugs that are illegal that are legal other places. Many others that individuals use are destructive, and some of them are just recreational, but drug possession is something that happens frequently probably because people carry it in their cars and it often gets detected during a routine traffic stop. Those are common unfortunately.

Domestic violence is something that is common. Gun charges are something you see frequently in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Many people own guns, sometimes people who shouldn’t have access to them.  As well,  white-collar crimes, whether you’re talking about embezzlement, or an accusation by the police that some kind of sophisticated criminal scheme is taking place.

Especially in Northern Virginia where you’ve got a large range of different kinds of individuals, different kinds of backgrounds different socio-economic situations, you really see the gamut.

Why Do You Think These Offenses That You List Are More Common Than Others?

I think especially with the alcohol crimes, they’re common because they are easy mistakes for people to make.  You have one too many drinks at dinner or you’re not in a position to exercise the best judgment about whether you ought to be driving.

I think that people, even with good intentions, and who are trying to be as responsible as they can in those situations sometimes don’t make good choices. There are times in life, all of us make bad choices.

Drug charges are common because drugs are prevalent everywhere.

Gun charges are common in the Commonwealth of Virginia because there are a lot of guns here. A lot of individuals own guns, there are a lot of hunters, and there are a lot of recreational shooters.

Financial crimes, are common during times of economic hardship when temptations become too great, or people do something illegal to try to survive.

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