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Potential Impact of Criminal Charges in Loudoun County

Criminal charges in Loudoun County, Virginia are very serious and can have long-lasting impacts on a person’s life, including affecting his or her current and future employment. Below, a Loudoun County criminal lawyer discusses of these potential effects and explains what’s important to do when someone is charged with a crime in Loudoun County.

First Steps When Charged With a Crime in Loudoun County

The first thing that they should do is just stay calm. Keep a clear head and try and document what has happened as completely as possible. The next thing that they should do is contact an experienced Loudoun County criminal defense attorney.

Repercussions For Those Who Live Out of Town/State

If you live outside of Loudoun County or outside the Commonwealth of Virginia and you are charged with a crime here, make sure to tell your attorney right away. By telling your attorney that you reside outside the county, they can prepare for your case and make sure that expectations are clear and that your presence during trial dates, appearances, and other issues are well known.

For some cases it may not be necessary for you to appear in Loudoun County, but for others your appearance might be required. So if appearing in Loudoun County is difficult for you, you have to make sure that you let your attorney know as soon as possible.

Criminal Charge and Effect on Security Clearance

Depending on the nature of your security clearance—including what level and what type of employer—a criminal arrest or criminal conviction may affect your status and it may affect your clearance status. You will want to check with the security officer at your place of employment and say that you are charged with criminal offense to make sure that they know what is going on and you know what you need to know from them.

In addition, you should let your Loudoun County criminal defense attorney know about your security clearances and what concerns you have at the time of the consultation.

Security clearances may largely depend on many different factors; however, I do have experience in representing all sorts of individuals that have a variety of security clearances. If you have security clearance questions, it may not necessarily be in the court’s purview, but it is something that we consider while making decisions.

Criminal Charge and Effect on Immigration Status

Depending on the nature of the offense, the nature of your status, and consequences deriving from the criminal arrest and or conviction there may be a significant impact on your status of immigration. We have experienced immigration counsel on staff who can assist criminal defense attorneys in making sure that your immigration status is not affected.

If you are charged with a criminal offense in Loudoun County, make sure you let your criminal defense attorney know that you have immigration concerns. Not every criminal defense attorney also handles immigration, so it is important to let them know that immigration issues may be applicable, so that they can be advised to take steps and make sure that your immigration rights are not affected.

How Loudoun County Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

When an individual is worried about their security clearance, an attorney can talk to them about what may happen with the case, how to answer security clearance questions that may arise, as well as what the most effective means of disclosure may be.

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