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Richmond Criminal Lawyer

Legal counsel may improve your chances of getting a positive outcome in your criminal case.When you are faced with potential jail time and a criminal conviction, a Richmond criminal lawyer can be your best advocate. The legal system is designed to be fair. But it may not always seem that way. If you are accused of violating the law, it can often seem like you are being judged long before your day in court. From the moment you are contacted by law enforcement, it is obvious that you are on the “wrong” side of the law. A Richmond criminal attorney is one person that will be there to advocate on your behalf, helping to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the criminal justice process. Contact us to schedule a free case analysis.

Skilled Richmond Criminal Attorney

A skilled criminal attorney in Richmond, VA uses their experience to provide you with personalized and professional assistance – someone who knows the legal system and is willing to fight tirelessly for your rights. The Constitution provides many protections for people accused of crimes. Part of the job of your defense attorney is to help ensure these rights are protected. From protection against unlawful searches to being informed of your right to remain silent, there are many examples of cases being thrown out of court for sidestepping even one of these rights.

The Value of Experience

A local Richmond criminal attorney can present the most persuasive arguments in your favor.Experience is an invaluable trait. While no one is perfect, experience gives people the opportunity to learn while doing and can significantly increase someone’s knowledge base when used in conjunction with education and qualities like determination and tenacity. Our attorneys understand what you are going through and will work hard to make this experience as comfortable for you as possible. They have represented countless clients and have likely handled cases very similar to yours. They have been active in the local courts and understand how things work in the Richmond legal community.

Discussing Your Case With a Criminal Lawyer in Richmond

The first step in knowing what to do in your case and what you can expect in court is discussing your situation with a criminal defense lawyer in Richmond. Our attorneys spend their days working for clients like you, regular people who have been accused of a crime and who need help navigating the local legal system. When you contact such an attorney, it is important to be open and forthcoming about all of the facts of your case so that we can help you in the best manner possible. Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law and her legal team have successfully handled numerous criminal cases.

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