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The time spent in college offers a wonderful opportunity for personal and educational growth. Not only do students obtain a degree that opens occupational doors, but the relationships that they build may last a lifetime. Unfortunately, going to college can be a shock to people who have never had to live on their own before. A single instance of alleged bad behavior may jeopardize their educational future.

Every college and university in Richmond employs a code of conduct that all students are obligated to follow. These codes generally require a student to act with good moral character. The mere allegation of a violation of the state’s criminal laws could result in severe educational repercussions, not to mention the criminal punishments that may follow a conviction in court.

A Richmond student defense lawyer could help to protect your freedom and academic future. Hard-working attorneys may be able to work with you to fight back against any criminal accusations in court and to preserve your right to continue your education.

Protecting Students in Court

Going off to college offers many young adults a level of freedom that they never experienced at home. Sadly, this new opportunity is a bit too much for many students to handle. Consequently, interactions with local police forces is an all too common experience.

All students have an obligation to follow local and state laws. Their status as a student provides no exception to this rule. Campus police forces are required to report any alleged wrongdoing to city police and as such students are subject to arrest for any illegal activity on campus.

Common examples of criminal allegations that affect college students include:

A student facing these charges should retain the main goal of defeating these allegations in court. A student defense lawyer in Richmond could work with individuals to help them understand the nature of the charges and the potential penalties for a conviction. A dedicated attorney could also develop a defense designed to bring the best possible outcome.

Working to Protect the Educational Rights of Students

Attending a college or university is a privilege. In exchange for the ability to take classes to earn a degree, all members of the school’s student body must adhere to the school’s code of conduct. While these codes and the schools’ methods for enforcing them vary, they will typically require all students to act with good moral fiber. An arrest for an allegation of criminal activity may certainly violate this code.

The schools’ investigations into these incidents are independent of any police work. In addition, schools do not need to prove violations of their codes of conduct beyond a reasonable doubt. The mere allegation of criminal activity can bring harsh consequences, even if a court does not return a guilty verdict.

School investigatory boards may limit a student’s extracurricular activities, require them to take off-campus housing, hand down an academic suspension, or even expel a student. The student’s ability to mount a defense in these cases may also be severely limited. A Richmond attorney could work with students to help them understand their school’s procedures and to prepare them to mount an effective student defense.

Let a Richmond Student Defense Attorney Help

Any person charged with a criminal offense in Richmond needs to look to the immediate future. A conviction for even a misdemeanor-level offense may result in a jail sentence and will create a criminal record. It should be noted that for the students of Richmond’s many colleges and universities, the risks following an arrest are much higher.

Schools have the power to investigate and punish any alleged violation of their codes of conduct. Many times, schools may punish a student even if a criminal court does not.

A Richmond student defense lawyer recognizes the immense pressure that an arrest can place on the future of a college student. They can stand with you every step of the way to protect your freedom in the state’s criminal courts and to preserve your educational privileges at school. Contact an attorney today to schedule a consultation.

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