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Title IX comprises a collection of federal laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex in any educational program. Any school that receives federal funding for any program carries an obligation to follow these laws. In addition, schools must establish internal investigations processes to look into any alleged violations that occur on their property.

A major part of any effective Title IX compliance is ensuring that all members of the school community are kept safe from sexual harassment or sexual violence. Because of this requirement on the part of schools, the reporting of any alleged sexual violence is now expected. Students who are accused of committing a sex crime while a student in Richmond, therefore, face serious potential consequences.

A Richmond Title IX lawyer could help you if you are a college student accused of sexual violence that violates Title IX laws. These incidents could result in both criminal charges for the underlying alleged acts as well as school investigations that could jeopardize your educational future. An accomplished attorney could help to protect your rights during both proceedings.

Title IX and School Policy

Title IX is a large portion of the federal laws concerning education. In short, it states that no student should suffer discrimination at school on the basis of sex. This includes enjoying protection from sexual violence or harassment. All schools that receive federal funding are required to follow these guidelines, including implementing an internal investigation process to deal with allegations of sexual harassment that occur on campus.

Consequently, any allegation of sexual violence that occurs on campus may result in an internal disciplinary board hearing. These boards have the power to gather evidence, to question witnesses, and to compel defendant students to testify. In addition, these boards operate independently of criminal courts. As a result, even if a student avoids a criminal conviction, they may still suffer from harsh educational penalties such as suspension or expulsion. A Title IX lawyer in Richmond could help students to protect their educational privileges following a Title IX complaint.

The Connected Criminal Charges

It should be noted that any alleged violation of Title IX is also an alleged violation of Virginia’s criminal laws. Because Title IX is designed to protect people from violence based upon their sex, the connected criminal charge typically involves the explicit targeting of the supposed victim.

While many of these incidents involve alleged violence, something as simple as staking or harassment may qualify. In short, a Title IX investigation may follow any criminal charge that is connected to a person’s sex.

Common examples of these offenses include:

  • Assaults
  • Harassment or stalking
  • Sexual battery
  • Rape

As a seasoned attorney could explain, these offenses can affect men as well as women. Title IX does not specifically protect either sex. If a school believes that a person’s gender was the reason for an alleged incident, this may trigger a Title IX investigation in addition to any attending criminal charges. A Richmond Title IX lawyer could help to defend a client’s future in the commonwealth’s criminal courts.

A Richmond Title IX Attorney Could Help

Federal laws are dedicated to the idea that no person should suffer an educational disadvantage because of their sex. This includes pursuing an education while free from violence or fear because of their sex. Because of this, all schools in Richmond must employ anti-discrimination policies and investigatory boards. These boards have the power to look into any alleged incident of criminal activity connected to a person’s sex.

In addition, any alleged violation of the commonwealth’s criminal laws will likely result in criminal charges. Many of the offenses that may violate Title IX are serious felonies that carry harsh potential prison sentences.

A Richmond Title IX lawyer could help you when you face criminal charges because of supposed violence against a person because of their sex. They work to protect your freedom in criminal courts and to preserve your educational future. Let an attorney work to protect your rights.

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