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Offering any money or any item of value in exchange for sex acts is considered solicitation under Virginia law. It is possible to be charged with this offense even if no sexual behavior occurs or no money is exchanged.

Defendants accused of a solicitation crime should seek help from a Richmond solicitation lawyer as soon as possible in an effort to resolve the case quickly and privately with minimal or no penalties.

How a Solicitation Lawyer in Richmond Can Help

A Richmond attorney with experience in solicitation cases can review the circumstances of the arrest, as well as the available evidence. Armed with this information, an attorney can help you to determine if you should try to plead not guilty or if it is a better option to negotiate a plea agreement to reduce penalties or even to get charged with a lesser offense.

A solicitation charge can affect your reputation, so your attorney will work hard to help you resolve the charges in the quickest and most effective way possible to try to avoid a criminal record, penalties, and publicity of the case.

Defenses Against Solicitation Charges

In many situations, individuals are able to argue entrapment or a violation of their constitutional rights if they were charged with solicitation after a police sting. Because the crimes of prostitution and solicitation are both generally victim-less with no complaining witnesses, defendants may also be able to get charges dropped or secure a not guilty verdict because prosecutors are not able to prove elements of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

Having an experienced legal advocate on your side who has handled solicitation cases in Richmond is important, as your attorney can help you to determine what legal strategy is likely to result in the most favorable possible outcome in your situation.

Your attorney can move forward to help you either negotiate a plea agreement or present your case in court, depending upon which approach is the right one for you.

Solicitation Laws in Richmond

Fighting solicitation charges in Richmond with the help of a good lawyer is essential because of the potential for lost freedom, fines, and other penalties. There are a variety of different crimes a defendant could be charged with in connection with solicitation, including a simple misdemeanor offense under Virginia Code Section 18.2-346. If convicted of solicitation under this code section, the maximum penalty is a year imprisonment and up to a $2,500 fine.

Defendants could also be charged under Code Section 18.2-348 for aiding in prostitution; under Code Section 18.2-347 for visiting a bawdy place where prostitution is occurring; and under Code Section 18.2-349 for using a vehicle to further a prostitution offense. A single interaction with an alleged prostitute could thus lead to a defendant being indicted on multiple criminal counts.

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Do not hesitate to begin fighting for your reputation, freedom, and future if you have been accused of solicitation or a related crime. Contact a Richmond solicitation lawyer for advice on your rights and on your options for responding strategically to criminal charges.

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