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What to Consider When Facing Criminal Charges in Richmond, VA

The very first thing you should do if you are charged with a crime in the city of Richmond is contact an attorney. When charged with a crime it is imperative you speak with an attorney to get an understanding of what the law is and what you are facing.  You need to discuss your options and understand the possible sentences and/or implications of not only the short term, but the long term as well, as these could have an impact on your job and your permanent record.

Below are some of the various factors to consider if facing a criminal offense, and how they could impact your life. If any of these apply to you, call and schedule a consultation today with a Richmond criminal defense lawyer.

Immigration Status Concerns

Immigration status can be affected by convictions, especially felony convictions which can often result in deportation. Certain convictions can also result in your inability to even apply or renew a visa or to apply for permanent citizenship in the United States.

Security Clearance Concerns

Your security clearance will most definitely be affected by criminal convictions. If it is a serious criminal conviction, it can result in a revocation of your security clearance. Even minor convictions like reckless driving can result in issues on a security clearance that could damage your ability to obtain a promotion or increased clearance.

An attorney will try to review these options with their clients and show them the implications of their charge, how it could affect their current job, how it could affect their prospects for promotion and/or a [heightened] security clearance. And then try and discuss what sort of options are available to mitigate that, and try and get the criminal charges reduced so it doesn’t affect their security clearance.

Representing clients that have security clearance issues differ because they’re long term goal might be different and they may be willing to accept more alternative punishments to avoid a mark against their permanent record.  A lot of clients with security clearance concerns are willing to accept higher fines and community service or a license suspension all in order to avoid conviction.

Criminal Charges for People Visiting Richmond

If charged with a criminal offense while visiting Richmond, it is in your best interest to contact a local attorney that is familiar with the city of Richmond. You want someone that understands the local court system, how they approach certain charges, how they sentence certain charges, and is familiar with the individual judges and prosecutors in the City of Richmond.

Call today to schedule a free initial consultation and discuss your case. An attorney in Richmond can help you take into account all the various factors associated with criminal charges and provide you with the potential outcomes of each scenario. A member of our legal team is standing by ready to take your call.

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