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Fraud in Virginia is a very broad term that describes wrongful criminal deception of a business or a person by false statements or false documentation. It covers a wide variety of charges including bank fraud and computer fraud to contract fraud and check fraud. The commonwealth pursues fraud charges frequently, in particular, where there is an issue regarding consumers who are defrauded on money or where it is an ongoing fraud matter.

If a person is facing fraud charges in Richmond, they should seek an experienced attorney for help as soon as possible.

Internet-Based Fraud in Richmond

In addition to the common types of fraud like credit card fraud, check fraud, contract fraud, and construction fraud, there is also internet-based fraud cases involving companies that may not even exist, as well as fraud regarding renting of units for individuals properly named as the owner.

The internet has greatly impacted fraud cases. The ability of individuals to defraud people based on the internet or using internet-type devices has made these crimes very easy. Basically, with internet fraud cases, companies or individuals will create a false website with the intent to deceive individuals into contributing money or funds to false business.

Other Types of Fraud Charges

How Criminal Fraud Charges Relate to Civil Fraud Cases

There is a relationship between civil cases and criminal cases when it comes to fraud. In fraud cases there is a criminal charge for the actual act. This can result in a suitable case to recover any damages that an individual or business incurred. Typically, if an individual is convicted of the criminal charge, they will be subject to a civil suit, and if there is a plea of guilty in the criminal case, that can used against them in a first civil trial. To learn more about how criminal fraud charges can tie into civil charges, get in touch with an experienced Richmond fraud attorney.

Prosecution of Richmond Fraud Charges

Prosecutors are very comfortable alleging and prosecuting fraud crimes. They are a common problem throughout the Richmond area and law enforcement officials are trying to crack down on the issue. Issues regarding fraud charges, either to a business or to an individual, will be pursued by prosecutors very vigorously, and having an experienced and similarly aggressive attorney on your side will help you contend with the accusations you are facing.

In a fraud case, the prosecutors will need documentation about the fraud and what alleged funds have been removed or stolen. They will also need information about the scheme, including whether it was an internet-based fraud, or a contract fraud. Furthermore, they will have to provide evidence regarding the intent of the individuals.

How a Richmond Fraud Attorney Can Help

One common mistake that people make when charged with fraud is coming forward and making statements to the officers or the investigators without first speaking with an attorney. Speaking with an attorney experienced with fraud cases in Richmond will allow that individual to understand exactly what they are facing and what the possible penalties are.

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