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Richmond Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Being charged with credit card fraud is serious in Richmond, Virginia. A conviction could seriously impact your life. This is why it is extremely important to contact an experienced Richmond fraud attorney. Attorneys experienced with these charges will be able to provide the appropriate defense. Hiring a lawyer who does not have experience with the complexity of fraud cases might not have the requisite knowledge to argue efficiently against the prosecution.

What Constitutes Credit Card Fraud in Richmond

Credit card fraud is the use of a credit card and the unauthorized use of credit with the intent to defraud another individual whether a private party or a business. The key with a credit card case is to show that the person accused had an intent to defraud.

It is extremely important to retain an experienced Richmond credit card fraud attorney in a credit card case because the charges can range from a Class I misdemeanor, which carries a sentence up to 12 months in jail, to a Class VI felony, which is a possibility of up to five years in jail.


Skimming is the use of a device to obtain credit card information. Typically, this is done at ATM machines and restaurants where credit cards are run repeatedly. From the credit card readers, individuals will get a copy of the credit card and later use that typically for purposes of online purchases.

Penalties Associated With Credit Card Fraud

If credit card fraud is for under $200, it is a misdemeanor charge which carries a possibility of up to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine. If the instance of fraud amounts to more than $200, it is a Class VI felony charge, which can result in five years in jail.

Misconceptions About These Charges

Some common misconceptions of credit card fraud is that it is only a situation where someone actually steals your credit card. Credit card fraud is a lot more in depth. It can involve the unauthorized use of a card where an individual has withdrawn the authorization and someone attempts to use it anyway, or it can involve issues regarding skimming where information is stolen from a device or online and used for internet purchases.

How a Richmond Attorney Can Help

In a Richmond credit card fraud case, a lawyer will first attempt to determine if the prosecution has enough evidence to get a conviction. They will comb through the evidence the prosecution will use and try to fight week spots in their argument. Next, they will review the case with the prosecutors to determine if a plea can be worked out, or if a possible first offender check arrangement or alternative sentencing can be arranged. Throughout the process, an attorney should remain accessible and responsive to a client. Because these charges can have such a serious impact on a person’s reputation and professional life, it is imperative that a lawyer takes the case as seriously as possible while keeping a client informed on the course of their case.

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