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Check fraud, along with other types of fraud, are prosecuted very strictly in Richmond, Virginia. In order for a case regarding check fraud to be brought against someone, there must be proof that there was intent to defraud another person, and that the method used was through a check, check information, or bank account information. If you are under investigation for check fraud, or if you have been charged, contacting an experienced Richmond fraud attorney is one of the first steps you should take. The penalties are very severe for fraud, so any action that could potentially mitigate it is beneficial.

You can be charged with check fraud for writing a bad check or having a check bounce. If you write a bad check or your check bounces, you will be contacted by the bank and if you fail to remedy the issue after being notified of the bounced check, you will be charged with check fraud.

What Constitutes Check Fraud in Richmond

Check fraud is the use of a check, check information, or bank account information with the intent to defraud either another individual or a business. The key with a check fraud case is the checks could be stolen or they could be used without proper authorization. Lastly, it needs to be shown that there was intent to defraud.

If an individual is charged with check fraud in Richmond and they meet with an attorney, they will need to bring information about the charge, information about the check in question, and any information they have relevant to authorization. Some common crimes associated with check fraud are larceny, forgery, and uttering.

Penalties for Check Fraud

With a Richmond check fraud case, if the amount of money in question is under $200, it is a Class I misdemeanor punishable with up to 12 months in jail. If it is more than $200, it is a Class VI felony punishable with up to five years in jail.

Investigation of this Charge

A person being investigated for check fraud will typically be contacted by the authorities, an investigator, or the bank in question that issued the check. The City of Richmond has staff that investigates banking crimes or check crimes. Typically, if the source is only one, the bank will report it to the various investigators who had contact with them.

Importance of Contacting a Richmond Check Fraud Attorney

You need to contact a Richmond check fraud lawyer if you fear you might be charged. With any type of fraud case, the penalties can be very severe. There is a possibility of a jail sentence. Additionally, if you are going to be convicted, it is a crime of moral turpitude which can have a detrimental impact on your employment and as well as your credit. Crimes of moral turpitude have a very negative connotation and potential employers or academic institutions may view such charges and convictions as an indicator of a person’s poor character. When fighting these charges, it is important to understand fully the potential consequences, so a person can attack the charge from multiple angles.

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