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One of the types of fraud that can be charged in Richmond, Virginia, is forgery. Forgery is deception in falsifying written statements or falsifying signatures used on a written document. This can be in the form of a check or a credit card. Frequently forgery charges are coupled with other charges involving checks or credit cards, or just other fraud charges generally. The penalties for forgery fraud vary, depending on the severity of the charges, but for more serious charges they can carry somewhat significant jail time, so they are not something to be taken lightly. A Richmond forgery lawyer can help someone facing forgery charges to combat the prosecution, and either to dismiss the charges, or at least to mitigate the penalties. A person should contact a fraud lawyer to aid them in preparing a defense and handling the potential charges if they are contacted by an investigator, a bank, or other business regarding a possible forgery issue.

Common Fraud Charges That Involve Forgery

Forgery is often charged with other allegations. Typically, fraud charges involving forgery result from check or credit card forgery, or contracts that individuals enter into where someone signs on their behalf or without their authorization. Also, sometimes forgery involves federal issues where tax documents were signed without authorization. Most often, forgery issues arise when someone signs a credit card statement or on a check where they previously had authorization and it is withdrawn.

Forgery is typically charged with other allegations. It will be charged with credit card or check charges.

The Penalties For Forgery

The penalties for forgery will vary, depending largely on the sum of money that is involved in the case. The penalty can be up to 12 months in jail if the amount in question is under $200, but it could be up to five years in jail, if it is over $200. Conviction of forgery in Richmond has the potential for jail time, and depending on the severity of the crime, possible lengthy jail time.

Essential Elements in a Forgery Case

The essential element to a forgery case is showing that there was intent to defraud or intent to obtain goods, services, or money through the false signature or false writing. In addition, it is essential to have evidence of the writing and to show evidence of what the actual damages were, or the amount of money in question. All of these elements will be important to the prosecution in proving forgery, and so they will also be elements which the defense may be able to discredit.

Benefits of a Richmond Forgery Lawyer

There are crucial benefits to consulting or working with a local attorney when facing forgery charges. A person can benefit from having a Richmond forgery lawyer by their side since they can help get a charge dismissed or have someone review the evidence against them. Even if upon review of the evidence the charges cannot be dismissed, it is possible that a lawyer may be able to negotiate to try and get the charge reduced or get the punishment mitigated.

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