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Identity theft in Richmond is the unauthorized use of an individual’s identifying information with the intent to obtain goods or services, or with the intent to defraud either the government or another party. Identity theft can manifest in different ways, sometimes through false IDs, sometimes through credit card fraud, and through other methods as well. Depending on the exact nature of the crime, identity theft may be considered a misdemeanor, or it may be considered a felony. The potential penalties for identity theft in Richmond will depend on the nature of the specific alleged crime in question. Regardless of whether it is a misdemeanor charge or a felony, a person facing an identity theft charge should consider consulting with a identity theft lawyer in Richmond, who can help them contest the charges, and possibly have them dismissed. Even if the charges cannot be dismissed, a local fraud lawyer may at least be able to help mitigate the penalties.

Common Crimes Involving Identity Theft

Some common crimes involving identity theft involve check charges where an individual uses a false ID to obtain information or to pass himself off as another individual.

There are also identity theft charges regarding credit cards where an individual attempts to open a credit card account with another individual’s information. Instances in which a person uses another person’s personal identifying information can potentially be classified as identity theft.

Consequences of a Conviction

An identity theft conviction could result in a jail sentence. If it is a misdemeanor, the sentence could be up to 12 months. If it is a Class VI felony, it could be up to several years. It can also be considered a crime of moral turpitude, which means the charge could ultimately affect an individual’s employment. An experienced Richmond identity theft attorney should be able to clarify the exact nature of the charges a person is facing, as well as the potential penalties and consequences. it is important for a person facing these charges to know exactly what they are up against.

When Given the Option for a Plea Deal

An individual should consider taking a plea deal in an identity theft case if the evidence is very strong against them, and they have taken steps to try and remedy any harm done. Ideally, the charges can be reduced to another charge or a mitigated sentence.

A plea deal is fairly common in an identity theft case. If it can be shown that any harmed parties have received restitution and that the individual has taken steps to remedy the issue, often the charge will be amended to another charge or even reduced.

Ways a Richmond Identity Theft Lawyer Can Help

With an identity theft case the individual is going to need information about exactly what prosecutors are claiming. In addition, they need information about what the claimed losses are. In other words, whether the alleged identity theft was related to a credit card or check. They will also need to bring whatever information they have about the claimed victim to their consultation with their Richmond identity theft lawyer.

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