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Common Criminal Cases and Charges in Richmond

In the city of Richmond there are a variety of criminal charges that people face in court everyday. These include everything from DUI and drug possession to weapons charges and drug distribution.

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind in Richmond it is important you consult with Richmond criminal lawyer who can look at the facts of your case and help you develop a defense. Read on to learn more about criminal cases in Richmond, VA or call today and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

Richmond Common Criminal Charges

The most common criminal charges in the city of Richmond are DUI offenses, drug possession, and drug distribution charges and weapons charges.

These charges are more common, particularly the DUI charges, because you have a very large student population in the City, so you have a lot of young adults in the area. There’s also a high concentration of bars and restaurants in the city of Richmond catering to young adults and students. Additionally, Richmond does not have a lot of public transportation, so people need to use their vehicle to visit the city and downtown which leads to DUI charges.

With regarding the drug charges, they are more common in any City but in particular in a City with a large student body.

Richmond Courts and Criminal Cases

If it is a criminal case that’s related to a traffic offense, those are heard in the John Marshall Courts Building. If it is a criminal offense that’s unrelated to a traffic matter, then that would be heard at the Hull Street Courthouse which is located at 920 Hull Street on the north side of Richmond. The criminal cases are typically held in the general district court in each one of these buildings.

Traffic Cases

Traffic matters are heard in the John Marshall Courts Building which is in downtown Richmond off 9th Street. There are two traffic courtrooms that hear the cases; both are located on the second floor inside the Courts Building.

Top Three Things To Know When Facing Richmond Criminal Charges

The main things to know about facing criminal charges in the city of Richmond is number one is to know what they’re charged with, to get a good understanding of what the law is and what are the elements of the crime they are charged with.

Secondly is to understand what the possible punishments are in the city of Richmond and what the long-term implications of a conviction are.

And thirdly, what defenses and/or steps are available to either fight the case or try and mitigate damages.  You’ll want to know actions you can take to.

Top Three Things to Do After Being Charged in Richmond

The top three things after being charged are to speak with and hire an attorney to assist on their case. And number two, to provide their attorney with a full account of what occurred to lead to being charged and lastly to follow the directions of their counsel in assisting and preparing for trial.

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