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Richmond Arrest Process

In the following page, a criminal defense attorney in Richmond talks about the proceedings that follows an arrest. Contacting an attorney, if you are charged with a criminal offense, is in your best interest because an attorney can aggressively defend your rights in court.

If you’re arrested in the city of Richmond, you’ll be first taken down to the police department, which is at 200 West Grace Street. At that point in time, the magistrate will determine what the charge is and if you’re to receive an immediate bond. If you’re to be held without bond, you’re going to be transferred over to the Richmond City Jail.

The Process Of An Arrest In Richmond

Once you are arrested in the City of Richmond, you will be taken to the police department for processing, and the officer will bring you before a magistrate. At that point in time, the officer will testify in front of the magistrate as to what you’re arrested for. The magistrate will make a determination based on those facts as to what you’re going to be charged with.

The magistrate will then determine a bond. If you’re denied bond or cannot make bond, you will be transferred to the Richmond City Jail. If you receive a bond or are given what’s called the PR bond, you can typically be released that night.

If you’re held without bond or it’s a significant bond that you can’t afford at the time, you will be transferred to the Richmond City Jail. Once transferred to the city jail, you will be held there for an arraignment. At that point in time, you’ll be brought into the Richmond General District Court for an arraignment at which point in time the judge will.

  • Advise you of your charge
  • Advise you of your right for court-appointed counsel or to hire your own attorney
It’s important to note that you are not charged when you are arrested. You’re charged after you’re brought before a magistrate and the magistrate makes the determination.

Contacting A Richmond Criminal Attorney After An Arrest

Immediately after you’re arrested, you won’t be able to contact a lawyer.  However once you have been processed before a magistrate, you will be given an opportunity to make a phone call. At that point in time you will be able to contact an attorney or have a family member do so on your behalf.

Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Richmond Arrests

One of the most common mistakes I see criminal defendants make is that they give statements to police or investigators prior to speaking with an attorney or they attempt to handle criminal matters on their own without the knowledge or understanding of the charge that they’re facing.  Many individuals just decide they want to handle these situations on their own but often realize too late that hiring an attorney is in their best interests.

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