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When a person is accused of theft, they could face significant charges that may negatively impact their future career prospects, as well as their educational aspirations. If you face charges for theft, contact an Alexandria theft lawyer.

A knowledgeable defense attorney could advocate on your behalf and examine different legally valid defenses that may benefit your case. Proceeding to court without legal representation could leave a person vulnerable to an insufficient defense and potential periods of incarceration or costly fines. Work with a determined attorney that could fight for you.

Understanding a Theft Charge

There are several different crimes in Virginia that may constitute as theft offenses such as embezzlement, larceny, or concealment of merchandise. In many cases, these offenses may be charged in varying levels or degrees depending on the circumstances on the alleged crime.

Generally, the elements that may constitute as a theft crime involve the taking of property that belongs to another person without that individual’s permission. Additionally, the accused must typically complete the act with the intent to deprive the other person of that property.

Potential Theft Charge Consequences

There are several different consequences for theft charges in Alexandria. The maximum penalty for a misdemeanor charge typically is one year in jail, but the extent of the conviction may depend on the circumstances of the alleged offense and the individual’s previous history surrounding criminal activity. Potential penalties could also involve suspended jail time and the possibility of community service. There is also a First Offender’s Program that could be applied. Someone who does not have a previous record may be eligible to apply for the program.

The consequences for a felony theft conviction could be significantly more serious. Typically, penalties for such an offense involves an extended period of probation and jail time. An individual who is convicted of a felony in Virginia will generally be sentenced by the judge after they consult the Sentencing Guidelines. The Sentencing Guidelines are often determined both by the facts of the case before the court and the individual’s criminal history. Some individuals who may face a felony shoplifting charge or one that is over $200 may have a substantial amount of jail time associated with the Guidelines, whereas other individuals with less of a criminal record may face less incarceration time.

Whether a person who is charged with a theft offense has a record, consulting an adept Alexandria theft lawyer may drastically improve their success in court. Schedule an appointment today and begin building a credible defense.

How Hiring an Alexandria Theft Attorney Could Help

When someone meets with a defense attorney, they may be asked to discuss any previous criminal history, as well as the circumstances surrounding the current alleged theft offense. This may involve discussing the item that was allegedly stolen, the dollar value of the item and the person who made the accusation. While this could seem uncomfortable, explaining this information to an Alexandria theft lawyer could help them examine the facts of the case more accurately and potentially help identify effective legal strategies more quickly.

Furthermore, an attorney could help protect an accused person’s rights, provide legal guidance, explain complex court processes, and potentially negotiate on the accused person’s behalf in court. An experienced defense attorney who understands the rules and regulations that may apply to theft cases in Alexandria could serve as a substantial resource. Call and ask for a consultation today.

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