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Brunswick County DUI Stops

Police officers are often on the lookout for any driver behavior that seems unusual. If police officers do see someone who is driving in an erratic manner, they will pull them over. When that driver is intoxicated, what starts as a regular traffic stop transforms into a DUI stop.

Brunswick DUI stops can lead to DUI charges, which have serious legal consequences. If you face Brunswick DUI charges, seek the counsel of a qualified DUI attorney who can start building your case.

What Brunswick Officers Look For

Officers are most frequently observing driving behaviors. They are looking for reckless driving, for people that are speeding, for people that are out of the lines, or taking curves wide. They are also looking for any other probable cause that is going to give them the opportunity to pull a driver over and see if they notice any other things that are indicative of DUIs. They will look at dangling objects, license plates that are not illuminated from a certain distance, or tinted windows that are illegal.

When it comes to Brunswick DUI stops, there is no such thing as a typical stop because a person can get pulled over for something completely unrelated to their driving behavior. For instance, a window tint or dangling object or a headlight that is out, but officers are always evaluating drivers for behavior that is indicative of DUI.

If the person gets pulled over for driving behavior or something else, they are going to be observing the person, asking if they have had anything to drink, why the person’s eyes are bloodshot or glassy, getting close to the car so they can attempt to discern the odor of the alcohol; that is all typical of a DUI stop.

Officer Questions

Officers are going to ask if the person had anything to drink, and if the person says yes, the officer is going to ask how many, when was the last time the person had a drink, where they are coming from, because they are wanting to be getting as much information as they can to use against a person at trial.

Tests During Stop

Officers will use field sobriety tests during Brunswick DUI stops. They employ the 10-step walk and turn, and some officers use the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. Officers will have people say the alphabet backward and they also do the fingertip test. It is within a person’s rights to refuse these tests, but it may have later consequences.

Step by Step Process

The general step by step process for Brunswick DUI stops includes the initial traffic stop. The officer pulls the person through their behavior or something else generally relating to the vehicle, and from there, they are going to initiate a conversation, to try and glean information from the driver and not only from their person, but see if they look like they have been drinking, if they smell like they have been drinking, or they admit that they have been drinking.

From there, if they have probable cause, they will get the person out of the vehicle and offer a preliminary breath test. Generally, that comes after offering the field sobriety test, but some people, due to various physical and educational disabilities, have issues with some of those tests. Sometimes, they just go directly to the preliminary breath test.


From there, based on the results of the PDT, the field sobriety test, and the initial reason for the stop, they will often place someone under arrest for DUI, and after they are placed under arrest, they will be taken to the jail.

In the case of Brunswick County, they will be taken to the Meherrin River Regional Jail for an observation period before being given the intoxilyzer which is a more scientifically accurate measure of blood alcohol content.

Mistakes to Avoid

Submitting to a field sobriety test when the person does not feel comfortable is a common mistake, as a lot of people demonstrate that they cannot do some of these tests sober.

Submitting to tests in a situation where the person is obviously a lot more nervous and feeling out of the ordinary and being out of their comfort zone can result in the person not performing well, because of the duress.

Talking to the police during Brunswick DUI stops can sometimes also be a mistake if someone talks too much. If the person is pulled over, they want to be polite, and simply answer yes or no, and not offer them any information because the officers are just trying to glean things to use against the person later.

Contacting a Lawyer

When all else fails, seek the guidance of a capable attorney. A lawyer can build you a solid defense. They can help you avoid making mistakes and can evaluate your case in order to see which defense will work the best for you. If you face DUI charges, contact an attorney.

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