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Robbery in Culpepper is the taking of an item of value from a person through the use of force or the threat of force. Robbery charges in Culpeper can lead to very serious and life-changing penalties, which is why it is so important for a person to contact a Culpeper robbery lawyer as soon as possible. Hiring a theft attorney allows a person to ensure they have the opportunity to build a strong defense in order to combat the charges against them.


Robbery is considered a felony, which means if a person is convicted, they are facing time in prison, a significant fine of up to $100,000, depending on the facts of the case, and the loss of certain freedoms that come with a felony conviction, including the right to vote and the ability to own a firearm.

The consequences of robbery in Culpepper are very severe, and, depending on the circumstances, a person can face significant jail time. For example, if the robbery involved a deadly weapon or heightened situation, the consequence could be 20 years to life, depending on the circumstances involved in the robbery. As the harshest penalty for a robbery charge, a person charged could face life in prison, making it even more imperative that a robbery attorney in Culpeper is contacted as soon as possible.

Preparing a Defense

For a person to be charged with robbery in Culpepper, the prosecutor has to prove that there is probable cause for the person to be charged. That means there is some evidence that a reasonable juror would be able to use to find that person guilty of robbery when the evidence is taken right and favorable to the common law.

A robbery lawyer in Culpeper can begin preparing a defense for robbery in Culpepper by gathering information about the case from the defendant and any witnesses as well as any available surveillance video. As the court date approaches, they will get information about weapons tested for DNA and ballistics evidence, including surveillance video, talking to any victims or witnesses involved, finding out background information to test the credibility of those witnesses, and finding out any other relevant facts that the client can think of that would help add to the case, like alibi evidence or any kind of information that could allow for a defense to be created.

Hiring an Attorney

A person charged with robbery should hire a robbery attorney in Culpepper because having an attorney by a person’s side is the only way they can ensure that the person’s rights are protected and that they are given a fair judicial proceeding.

If a person does not have an attorney, they are susceptible to the various situations that can come up in court. They will not know when they can and cannot talk; they will not know how to effectively see and cross-examine witnesses against them; they will not know how to file motions, what motions to file, or what the law is; they will not know the available defenses to them or the procedures that occur in court when they are at trial; and they will be at a huge disadvantage if they have to advocate their own case without knowing the law the way the prosecutor and the judge are going to know the law.

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