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A shoplifting charge can be seen as a light charge, however, the consequences on one’s record can be long-lasting. With this in mind, an experienced shoplifting attorney can help you come up with a defense strategy that will mitigate the damage and protect your legal rights. To learn more or get started on your defense, consult with an attorney today.

Shoplifting Defense Strategies

Often, the prosecution would have to establish that this person was the person who took these items and, often, there is another person in the store.

An attorney will also wants to know how they can prove that the person had the intent to steal. Was this a situation where the person went out the front door with the items or did the person continue to stop and did not make any attempts to leave the store with those items?

An attorney will talk to the client and see what it is that they are alleged to have done. If there is video, a shoplifting attorney will try to look at the video to see exactly what it is that the police are saying the person did.

If it is an area where the city or the prosecution participates in these types of cases, then your attorney will talk to them and see if this is something that they can negotiate a deal to try to keep this off a person’s record.

Prosecutorial Proof

The prosecution needs to prove that a person had items and that rather than paying for these items to the store, he or she either the left the store or was going to leave the store had the store security not intervened.

Sometimes, if a person puts something in his or her pocket or if a loss prevention officer sees someone pocket an item or take a tag off something, then they will stop the person before he or she gets out of the store. Often, but not always, they try to wait for the person to bypass the checkout counters before stopping the person.

Contacting An Attorney

A local shoplifting lawyer will know the prosecution and have a better knowledge of the judges. Somebody who is not from around the area may not know how the courts do things in that city and will try to do things that they would like to do in their home city only to find out that it doesn’t work the same.

If charged with shoplifting in Fairfax, someone should contact an attorney right away. The consequences can be drastic and lead to large fines. An experienced lawyer can help you analyze, build and craft a case for your benefit.

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