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If you have been charged with theft, you should consider hiring a Falls Church theft lawyer because, depending on what you have been accused of taking, it could be a serious crime with extensive penalties. For example, grand larceny is a felony offense that could lead to many years in prison.

There may even be the possibility that the prosecutor will amend the charge to a more severe crime, such as robbery if they are able to find elements of violence or the threat of violence. For this reason, it is important to have an experienced defense attorney on your side to ensure you know what to expect.

Importance of Local Defense

A local Falls Church theft lawyer is very beneficial through the course of the defense in order to have somebody who is familiar not just with the law in Virginia, but also with the customs, rules, and regulations of the local courthouse.

In Falls Church, things are done a little bit differently than in other courthouses in Northern Virginia and it is important to have an idea of what the judge will do and what the prosecutor will do with the case as it varies from county to county and case to case. Only a local theft lawyer from Falls Church would be able to tell their clients what they could expect.

Penalties & Theft Defense

A theft conviction could lead to penalties as great as 5 years to life in prison. An attorney can understand and implement the best defense an individual is entitled to. This includes conducting an investigation, reviewing the client ad prosecution’s information prior to trial, as well as any witnesses where they can get more information.

An attorney is going to be able to have an open dialogue with the officers and the prosecutors in the case and even the witnesses to try to find out information. Certainly, that is something that would be beneficial to both somebody who is facing a simple theft charge or somebody who is facing a robbery charge.

When to Speak With an Attorney

A person in Falls Church should contact a theft lawyer in the area immediately upon suspicion that they are being investigated for a crime.

An attorney will be there to give the individual a good idea of what they could potentially be charged with and how to speak with the police when they come to speak with the potential defendant in order help prevent an accidental self-incrimination.

The sooner a person talks to a Falls Church theft attorney the better the idea they will have of what they could be potentially be charged with and therefore, be better prepared to take action to avoid being charged. If evidence is already discovered and law enforcement is ready to charge the individual, a lawyer can help the defendany=t minimize the information given to the officers that could be used against them in a courtroom.

Documentation to Bring

If you have been charged with theft and are contacting a defense attorney concerning those charges then you should have a few things prepared when calling the lawyer. Documents such as any copies of warrants, court documents, or anything that you were given in relation to the case such as a statement should be given to the Falls Church theft attorney.

Additionally, you should have written down what you remember from the date of the alleged incident, where you were, anybody that day that you think that the attorney should talk to about your case, anybody that you remember seeing nearby who could be a witness, and why you think you are being charged for that specific offense.

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