Why shouldn’t I just go out and hire the cheapest criminal lawyer in Virginia?

Well, there is something to be said for you get what you pay for and it’s the same thing with criminal charges. Especially, when you value your future, your liberty, and your peace of mind. Taking the cheapest lawyer is not probably going to be the best option for you because you will not really be assured you have the best possible representation.

Now, just because an attorney is less expensive than another attorney, doesn’t mean that one attorney is less capable necessarily. But as a general rule, if somebody’s fees for particular cases are really low, it could mean that this attorney or his/her firm practices on a quantity versus quality kind of the representation. This means, they’re able to do a service for a very small fee because they take on four or five times the amount of cases that another attorney might take on. That could be the reason for the price disparity. So, the time and attention that one attorney pays on a case may be proportional to the fee.

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