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Fredericksburg DUI Convictions and Auto Insurance

Fredericksburg DUI convictions and auto insurance are undoubtedly intertwined. Understandably, private companies would not want to cover drivers who have proven to be negligent behind the wheel of a car. That said, you may rely on your insurance to protect you from other drivers and without it could be harmed and without a monetary safety net. To protect both your legal interests and insurance, you may need to consider retaining the services of an experienced attorney.

How Does an Insurance Company Become Aware of a Driver’s DUI Charges?

Many auto insurance companies become aware of their DUI charges because they require customers to self-report if they have any sort of conviction. They also run routine checks prior to renewing insurance policies, but it is also a requirement of the DMV and the court to issue a requirement for proof of insurance to individuals who are convicted of DUI. That means insurance companies are routinely notified by the court of DUI convictions that require either an SR-22 or SR-44 form from an insurance company, proving that an individual is insured up to a particular amount because they are technically a higher-risk driver due to their DUI. Additionally, whether an insurance provider drops a person is up to the company itself.

How Insurance Is Contacted when a Person Is Charged with a DUI But Not Convicted

How insurance is affected by a person charged with DUI but not convicted is up to each insurance company. In general, however, as far as their auto insurance is concerned, most individuals would be much better off if their charges are dismissed rather than having a conviction.

Circumstances where an Insurance Company Drops a Person from Coverage

For higher-risk individuals, people would have an agreement that they would be dropped from coverage if they have a conviction for a DUI. Some insurance policies would not have the company participate in an SR-22 or an SR-44. In those cases, the individual would have to find a different policy.

How a DUI Defense Attorney Could Help Someone’s Insurance Status and Current Rates

A DUI defense attorney may be able to help someone’s insurance status and current insurance rates by discussing the insurance policy with the client to see what kind of coverage they have. After reviewing the policy, the attorney would know what is required of accused individuals if they are convicted and how it could affect the defendant’s choice of whether to proceed to trial.

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Mistakes happen. They are a part of everyday life. However, there are certainly degrees to mistakes with some regarded as more severe than others. If you were recently charged with a DUI, it is within your best interest to work with a legal representative. The courts often see accused people as offenders and do not take into account the extenuating circumstances of the case. However, that does not have to be the case. With the help of an experienced attorney, accused people could better their odds of a favorable outcome. Fredericksburg DUI convictions and auto insurance go hand-in-hand and affect each other without a doubt. To preserve your auto policy and rights prior to trial, you may need to contact an attorney. Call today.

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