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Fredericksburg DUI Stop Process

DUI stops can be overwhelming, but not as overwhelming as the prospect of handling a DUI case alone. If you have been charged with a DUI offense, speak with a distinguished DUI lawyer that could help. A knowledgeable legal advocate could examine the facts of your case, in order to build your defense. They may ask you questions about the Fredericksburg DUI stop process in order to gauge whether your rights were respected, and in order to bolster your case. Speak with a lawyer today, and know that you are in capable hands.

Overview of the DUI Stop-Process

The first step in the Fredericksburg DUI stop process entails the officer stopping and approaching the car. The officer will then ask for license and registration, make observations about a person’s behavior, and ask that individual to perform sobriety tests. If that individual is willing to perform sobriety tests, they will record that information and mark down any clues that might show that an individual is intoxicated as well as any other evidence against that person. They may ask the person to complete a preliminary breath test, and then they will arrest the person.

Miranda Rights During DUI Stops

There are only a couple of instances in which Miranda rights would come into play during the Fredericksburg DUI stop process. There are cases in which someone is in custody and are questioned and interrogated and their answers need to be kept out of evidence in court, but that is not very common with the DUI. Miranda rights indicate that police are supposed to tell a person upon arrest that they have the right to remain silent, that everything they say can or will be used against them, and that they have the right to an attorney. The purpose of those rights is to inform someone before they are interrogated that they have the right to have an attorney present and they do not have to incriminate themselves.

Mistakes to Avoid During DUI Stops

Individuals who are driving under the influence and then are stopped make several very common mistakes. One is to talk way too much. They think that they can convince the officer not to charge them with anything because they are generally a good person, or they think that they can perform well on field sobriety tests even though they are intoxicated. A far more common mistake is to try to lie to the police officer. Maybe the police officer will not know that a person is lying or maybe they will, but anything a person says to a police officer is going to be used against that person, and that individual has the right not to answer questions.

When Can a Driver Ask to Speak to Their Lawyer?

At any point in any police altercation, an individual can inform the police that they are not going to answer any further questions without a lawyer present. It is best to do that as early as possible. When a person is stopped, whether under suspicion of DUI or not, they have to give certain information to the officer. They have to give identifying information, registration for the vehicle, and their driver’s license. However, they do not have to answer any other questions. If a person thinks that they are suspected of something more serious than a small traffic infraction, they should not answer any questions from the police. A person should simply tell them that they are not willing to answer questions without an attorney present. The person can do that at the very beginning of the Fredericksburg DUI stop process. If an individual has been stopped for a DUI offense, they should contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible. A qualified lawyer could advocate for them.

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