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Good Works Scholarship: Past Winners

Below is information about the winners of the Karin Porter Good Works Scholarship. For information on how to apply, visit our scholarship page.

2022 Scholarship Winner: Fametta Zubah

Hi! My name is Fametta Zubah, and I am a sophomore at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Leadership. I am a first-generation student so obtaining my degree is a goal that I can’t wait to accomplish because I know how much it will mean to not only me but my family as well. With my degree, I hope to work in advertising or marketing, preferably with a non-profit organization. I have truly found my love for community service in which I spend many hours working with the youth, food drives, clothing drives, and any other opportunities that I can get the chance to help others. As the eldest daughter of immigrant parents, I have learned the importance of the phrase “it takes a village.” If I have the opportunity to be there for others, I will do so without hesitation.

When I got the call that I was the 2022 recipient of the Good Works Scholarship, I literally started tearing up. As a low-income student, winning a scholarship means the world to me because it helps alleviate some of the financial stress that comes with being a college student who wants the best for themselves and their future. I will forever be grateful for this scholarship and words can’t thank you all enough for this wonderful opportunity you are providing for students.

2020 Scholarship Winner: Aaron Druyvestein

My name is Aaron Druyvestein. I am currently pursuing a law degree at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with an intention of practicing in the area of family law following graduation. Prior to entering law school, I was employed at a juvenile treatment center that specializes in working with at-risk children ages five through eighteen. This experience is what prompted my interest in law. I was fortunate enough to see first-hand the impact that legal guardianship and adoption proceedings can have on the lives of children who are in desperate need of help. It was both a humbling and inspiring endeavor that has changed my perspective on what meaningful change to a community looks like. With a degree in law, I aspire to carry on this responsibility of providing legal assistance to at-risk children and young adults.

Aside from my career ambitions, I am a graduate with honors from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and minor in emergency management and homeland security. During my undergraduate studies, I volunteered in several student programs including the Student Ambassadors, where I assisted prospective and incoming students as they prepared to begin their own undergraduate careers. In addition, I participated as a legislative intern in the Alaska State Legislature and assisted in drafting legislation to promote fair maritime practices for Alaskan commercial fisherman.

Being a born and raised Alaskan, fishing has always been a major part of my life. My family and I have spent much of our time during my upbringing either on our family fishing boat or having picnics on nearby island beaches. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I am also an avid aquarium fish keeper. My favorite aquarium fish are Peacock Cichlids and Tiger Barbs.

It is hard to put into words how meaningful this scholarship is to me. Law school is extremely difficult but it is also very expensive. Any financial help given to me is beyond appreciated. Being awarded the Karin Porter Good Works Scholarship makes an incredible difference in my efforts to achieve my life goals. These funds will go towards purchasing casebooks that are necessary for the upcoming class semester. I really cannot thank you all enough for this opportunity.

2018 Scholarship Winner: Dehra McFaddan

My name is Dehra McFaddan and I received the Karin Riley Porter Good Works Scholarship. I am a student at Boise State University located in Boise, Idaho. I will be graduating in May with a degree in Social Work and I will be attending a joint graduate school degree program for a Master’s of Social Work and Law. During my undergraduate career, I have had countless opportunities to grow, flourish, and create change. My top accomplishments at Boise State is working as a peer educator at the Gender Equity Center, becoming an Inclusive Excellence Student Council Member where I create policy reform, and assisting in the creation and involvement of a Gender Based Violence Campus Response Team where many individuals and departments come together to work more cohesively. I care deeply about school, my academics, my clients, my work, and my future. I also am a young adult who love animals, hiking, mountain biking, being with my friends and family, and watching Netflix.

Dehra’s Reaction: Thank you for the scholarship! I am very grateful to have an opportunity to share the lessons that I have learned and receive a scholarship for my hard work. My dream to continue to grow in my educational career in graduate school is one that I have always hoped for, but with this scholarship its making it possible. I am very dedicated to my work because I experience so much joy in what I do, in creating change, and this scholarship will allow me to create more change on a macro level.

2017 Scholarship Winner: Guillermo Jimenez

My name is Guillermo Jimenez. I am a 20-year-old Hispanic male who’s currently in the second semester of his Sophomore year at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. I am majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry with hopes of one day being accepted into the University of Arizona College of Medicine and becoming an Anesthesiologist. I believe the medical field gives you the convenience to be a part of something more significant than yourself and use your civic responsibility for the greater good. My reason for wanting to go into medicine begins where my passion lies; my devotion to healthcare. Healthcare gives you the ability to make a difference while also getting the chance to form real relationships that can have a lasting impact on your life.

Originally, I’m from Yuma, Arizona. A very small town in the southwest part of the state. Growing up in a city like Yuma can be very… different. While it has its downsides, I’ve learned many valuable lessons. But the most important is that we do not have to conform to the limitations that others put on us. There will always be people that judge us and set expectations based on their preconceived ideas of who they think we are, and who they think we should be just because we’re from a “small town”. However, we have the ability to prove them wrong. Don’t let your hometown be your excuse, keep your goals big, and trust your process.

Guillermo’s Reaction: When I heard the news that I was chosen to be the recipient for the 2017 Karin Riley Porter Good Works Scholarship, I couldn’t believe it. I was on the bus heading to my local hospital to do my volunteer shift as I received the call. The first thing I did was call my parents. Being in debt due to student loans can be a very discouraging thing. Not only was it the first scholarship to have ever chosen me as the winner, but it made me realize that dreams really do come true. I am truly thankful and honored to receive this award. I plan to use the funds towards the technology and books needed for my degree.

2016 Scholarship Winner: Cynthia Lam

Fairfax, VA–May 27, 2015–Defense Attorney Karin Riley Porter is pleased to announce that Cynthia Lam, a graduating senior at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, is the recipient of the 2015-2016 Karin Riley Porter Good Works Scholarship. She will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall, pursing a law degree.

The scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing post-secondary education who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and commitment to making her or his community a better place. In addition to submitting a 500-word statement explaining how they are dedicated to community service, applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to qualify for this annual scholarship.

“We received an incredible number of very impressive applications,” stated Karin Riley Porter, “which made the decision process very difficult.  We are so grateful to the many students who took the time to write about their dedicated community service experience, and we are also very proud to offer this scholarship to Cynthia.”

Miss Lam has volunteered extensively throughout her academic career, working as the Special Events chair for the Nabors Service League, a student-run community service organization at W&L, and as an intake volunteer for the Legal Services of New Jersey.  Cynthia’s other volunteer experience ranges widely, from the Children’s Specialized Hospital in NJ, to Capitol Hill, where she served as a Civic Fellow for Cabinet member Eric Shinseki at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. From young children, to veterans, and many people in-between, Miss Lam’s service record stands out as highly impactful.

In reaction to receiving the scholarship, Cynthia stated:

“I am thrilled and humbled to receive the 2015 Karin Riley Porter Good Works Scholarship.  I have always strived to give back to the community and help those in need.  With such generous support, I am excited to further pursue my passion for advocacy while attending law school at the University of Pennsylvania this fall.  I hope to use my legal education to make a difference and truly embody the ideals of this award.  This is an incredible honor, and I am grateful to Price Benowitz for recognizing my efforts.”

Karin Riley Porter and her team are excited for Cynthia and are looking forward to next year’s round of applications, showcasing the best and brightest volunteer-scholars from across the country.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Karin Riley Porter Good Works Scholarship should email  [email protected] or visit her website.

Winning Essay

The winner of our 2015 Karin Riley Porter Good Works Scholarship is Cynthia Lam, a senior at Washington & Lee University and soon-to-be 1L at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Below is Ms. Lam’s essay:

My name is Cynthia Lam, and I am a senior at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA, earning dual degrees in English (BA) and Business Administration (BSc), with minors in Philosophy and Creative Writing. A lifelong advocate with a passion for helping those in need, I have always yearned to give back to the community, to become a part of something greater than myself.  That is why I will be attending law school in the fall.  I plan to become a public interest trial attorney, ultimately pursuing a career in the government or nonprofit sector.

To me, public service is more than a profession.  It is a lifestyle.  My desire to make a difference drives all that I do.  This sense of purpose is evident from my long history of activism and community service, which spans my high school and college career.  From volunteering at the Children’s Specialized Hospital to leading fundraising efforts for our campus-wide philanthropy, I have embraced engagement at various levels, assuming various leadership positions.

Currently, I serve as a university-appointed Honor Advocate, representing students who are accused of institutional violations and face expulsion during executive hearings.  I am also Special Events Chair for the Nabors Service League, responsible for organizing official days of service to benefit the local Lexington community, which has generated over 1000 volunteer hours.  Additionally, I am Managing Editor of the newspaper, a Tour Guide for the Admissions Office, and a Tutor for the Writing Center.  What unites these experiences is my sense of engagement, defining my lifetime of activism, a 21-year-old work-in-progress.

My commitment to bettering the community extends beyond the Washington and Lee campus.  The summer after my sophomore year, I served as a 2013 Civic Fellow for Cabinet member Eric Shinseki in Washington, DC.  Working in the Office of the Secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs opened my eyes to the public sector, affirming my desire to pursue a future in the government as a legal advocate.

This past summer, I volunteered at the Legal Services of New Jersey, serving individuals back home.  As an intern for the Hotline, I conducted the initial intake for low-income and underrepresented clients from all over the state, in cases ranging from child custody appeals to bankruptcy filings to landlord tenant disputes.  I soon realized how many people needed fair representation and proper access to the legal system.

Being an attorney is both a power and a privilege.  This profession is dedicated to the study and mastery of the law, with the goal of serving others so that they, too, may fully utilize this institution.  This vision of equality and justice is what draws me towards the legal field.

And now, it leads me to the inevitable next step: law school.  I am ready to dedicate my life to continuing this cause, doing what I love.  I want to make my mark in this profession and leave a legacy of service and equality.  This is my calling.

We are proud to extend this scholarship to Miss Lam, and we wish her all the best in her law school career.

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