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It may be scary to face a local prosecutor who is accusing you of a crime. Any criminal charge could have lasting effects. A criminal charge could lead to loss of a job, time in prison, large fines, loss of a license, or a permanent record that could follow you for the rest of your life. It may be difficult for the average person to understand the legal process related to criminal matters and know what rights they have and how they may be able to avoid or mitigate certain consequences.

If the police have already approached you or a loved one, it may be in your best interest to seek out the services of an experienced attorney who is familiar with the criminal procedure and can help you understand your rights and what defenses may be available to you. Working with a Greensville County criminal lawyer may be able to drastically change the possible outcome.

Common Criminal Offenses

In 2017, Virginia agencies reported over 400,000 offenses. 50% of all violent crimes were committed in the home. Of the reported forcible sex victims, 86% of victims were female. Thieves stole about $76 million. There was over $86 million worth of damage related to motor vehicle offenses (2017 Report by the Virginia State Police).

As an experienced attorney could further explain, criminal acts occur in Greensville County and cause massive financial, emotional, and physical harm to the citizens of that state. Criminal acts range from murder, rape, and torture to minor traffic violations and petty theft. The state police take all criminal acts seriously, but of course, the government punishes some crimes more severely than others. In Virginia, citizens report one offense roughly every minute and 20 seconds (2017 Report by the Virginia State Police).

Potential Penalties For A Criminal Conviction

In 2017, the police made 282,987 arrests (2017 Report by the Virginia State Police). Violation of the law can carry different levels of punishment, depending on the crime the court finds a person guilty of committing.

The strongest punishment given out by the government is the death penalty or capital punishment. Virginia last sentenced someone to capital punishment in 2011 and there are currently only four people on death row. Other possible consequences from an accusation include:

  • Prison time
  • Monetary fines
  • Probation
  • Loss of licenses
  • Loss of jobs
  • Inability to buy or own a firearm
  • Permanent record of arrest
  • Permanently known as a felon
  • Loss of custody of children
  • Effect of divorce proceedings
  • Effect on other legal proceedings
  • Effect on reputation in the community

Unfortunately, even an arrest can remain on a person’s criminal record. The results from a minor charge can affect a person their entire life and can prevent them from living life the way they want. An individual facing these criminal penalties should contact a seasoned lawyer in Greensville County.

Reach Out To A Greensville County Criminal Attorney Today

If the police have approached you or you suspect that the police may arrest you soon, consider contacting the firm soon. A representative may be able to help you reduce or even avoid the possible negative outcomes associated with a criminal charge, but often it is easier to do that if the lawyer has time to stop issues before they become big problems. Your liberty and freedom of choice are precious.

It may be necessary to receive help from an attorney who understands the legal process and how the government prosecutes individuals. Call a Greensville County criminal lawyer today.

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