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First time DUI offenses are serious, and they can be scary experiences for those who have never encountered the criminal justice system before. As with other criminal charges, it is very important that you do not panic, and contact an experienced Henrico first DUI lawyer as soon as possible. A Henrico County DUI lawyer will be able to look at the facts of your case and help develop the strongest defense possible.

Defenses For First Time DUI Offenses

For a first time DUI offense an attorney is looking for a number of things. An attorney would first be looking to see if there was probable cause for the stop and if possible, challenge the legality of the stop itself. They will review the officer’s report and also request information on the blood alcohol machine to determine if that machine was working correctly and if it was operating correctly when they took your sample.

Do Prosecutors Have Enough Evidence?

Next what an attorney will be looking for is to determine if the officer and the state can show that you were operating the vehicle on the roadways under the influence and under the circumstances they are claiming. This will include looking at the procedures the officer used to test you, whether they be field tests or the field breathalyzer test.

A Henrico first DUI lawyer will be looking to see if the officer followed all the right procedures in administering the tests and if they were recorded correctly. What they are also looking for is if the officer correctly noted the times of the stop, the times of the arrest, and if you can determine when you were operating the vehicle.

Was the Intoxilyzer Accurate?

Finally, another important thing to examine is the information on the Intoxilyzer, or what is called the blood alcohol machine. This is the machine at the police station that determines your blood alcohol level that you are required to provide a sample for.

A DUI lawyer will request information on the machine to determine if it was working accurately when your test was conducted, but also to make sure that the officer was properly using the machine and properly licensed to use the machine.

The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid For First Time DUI Defendants

The most common mistakes for first time DUI defendants are when they attempt to handle these charges on their own without consulting an attorney. Most individuals do not realize how complex the legal process can be, how harsh the penalties are, and how long-lasting and expensive many of these penalties can be.

A person could face serious restrictions to their driving privileges, thereby negatively impacting their ability to complete everyday tasks. In addition to that, Henrico County has a zero tolerance policy with regard to DUIs and will impose an active jail sentence on many first time offenses.

Contact a Henrico first DUI attorney today to learn more about what to expect from your case and how to prepare for the proceedings.

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