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A speeding or other moving violation conviction can cause the Virginia DMV to suspend your license if you have too many points against you for previous moving violations.  A Virginia speeding ticket lawyer can represent you before the DMV’s administrative board and possibly help you keep your license.  They can also help you requesting a restricted license, which would allow you to continue to drive on essential trips.

When you are facing a speeding ticket with particularly high fines or consequences, call a Virginia speeding ticket lawyer with our firm.  Your defense attorney can help you to minimize any consequences on your driving record and insurance rates and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Even if you represented yourself and were found guilty of speeding, a Virginia speeding ticket lawyer can still help.  You can appeal this conviction by requesting a new trial within ten days of your original court date.  Commonwealth appeals are not judicial reviews of your conviction.  The verdict is set aside, and you have a new trial.  Having a criminal defense lawyer represent you at your appeal could produce a different, and more favorable, outcome.

Speeding Tickets in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Virginia

Residents and visitors of the Commonwealth who receive speeding tickets might not be certain that they should retain a Northern Virginia speeding ticket lawyer to defend them. They may think that if they haven’t received any moving violations over the past few years they can pay the fine and simply be done with it.  However, they should carefully consider their decision.  There are several instances when a speeding ticket could be much more than a nuisance, such as:

    • The accused already has demerit points against them with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (VDMV) or in their home state if they are visiting.
    • They pay low insurance rates, and a speeding conviction will threaten their rates.
    • If the ticket is for “reckless speeding” [Sections 46.2-853], it’s possible they could go to jail and pay an expensive fine.
    • If they’re a visitor charged with reckless speeding, they likely won’t even be in the state when their court date arrives.

Defendants who want to avoid any of the above scenarios are wise to contact an experienced Virginia speeding ticket lawyer, who might be able to have the charges reduced or successfully defend the accused.

Virginia Reckless Speeding Tickets

Virginia’s reckless driving laws, [Section 46.2-852] (including reckless driving by speed) involve two very sobering facts for violators:

    • Incarceration in county jail.
    • A fine as high as $2,500 [Section 18.2-11(a).

The 13 reckless driving offenses [Sections 46.2-85346.2-865.1] include:

    • Reckless speeding of 20 miles over the limit (or 80 MPH on highways and freeways)
    • Passing stopped school busses
    • Failure to yield to emergency vehicles with lights/sirens running
    • Passing at the top of a hill or at a railroad crossing
    • Carelessly weaving in and out of traffic

How a Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help with Reckless Driving

A NoVa attorney familiar with the reckless driving laws can help you understand the law and what you need to do to prepare for court. Some of these things your attorney may want you to do include:

    • Providing your lawyer with copies of your driving and criminal records—if both are good, this can be a big help.
    • If there was a mechanical malfunction (like a speedometer that gives faulty information), having it repaired and giving that evidence to your lawyer.
    • Successfully completing a state-approved safe driving course as soon as possible and giving that certificate of completion to your attorney.

If this is your first-offense reckless speeding (or any speeding) charge, and you have a clean driving record, it is possible to have the charge pled down to a less serious speeding offense.

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