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While the Second Amendment nominally provides every American the right to possess firearms, there are many ways that this right can be legally restricted under state or federal law It can even be taken away from you altogether based on violations of those restrictions. On top of that, the presence of a firearm during another crime can also allow for enhanced penalties upon conviction, even if it was never fired or played any role in the offense at all.

Building a successful defense against gun-related criminal charges can be difficult without help from a reliable defense attorney who is experienced in managing these types of cases. Once retained, your Loudoun County gun lawyer could work diligently on your behalf to contest the prosecution’s case against you and seek the best possible resolution.

How State Law Governs Concealed Carry

Virginia does not require state residents purchasing handguns from other private state residents to apply for a permit or register their firearm with the state. Furthermore, all residents over age 18 without legal restrictions on their gun rights may open carry under state law, although that right still may be subject to local restrictions where applicable.

In order to carry concealed in Loudon County, a state resident with a Virginia Handgun Permit—or a non-resident with an equivalent license or permit from another state—must be at least 21 years old and must both establish competence with the firearm in question and complete a state-approved firearms training course prior to issue. Virginia is a “shall issue” state in this regard, meaning anyone who meets the basic criteria for eligibility must be issued a Handgun Permit and/or concealed carry permit upon filing a valid application.

Anyone who carries concealed without a license outside their own home, place of business, gun range, or similar area like a gun show, may be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor offense under Code of Virginia § 18.2-308. There are increasingly severe felony-level penalties applicable for each subsequent conviction for this same offense. A Loudoun County gun attorney could explain these laws in further detail as needed, as well as provide crucial assistance in fighting against criminal charges related to unlawful possession.

Other Firearm Charges That a Lawyer Could Help With

While concealed carry violations are among the more common gun-related charges that Loudoun County residents deal with, they are far from the only ones. Other allegations a gun lawyer in Loudoun County could help address include:

Many of these offenses are considered felonies, so representation from skilled legal counsel may be essential to minimizing a defendant’s risk of facing prison time and preserving their right to possess firearms in the future.

Contact a Loudoun County Gun Attorney for Your Defense

Gun-related criminal charges are the first time many people facing such allegations have ever dealt with law enforcement or the justice system. Whether you have been a defendant in criminal court before or not, it may be important for you to seek help from qualified legal representation as soon as possible after being accused of violating Virginia’s gun laws.

A knowledgeable Loudoun County gun lawyer could provide custom-tailored support throughout your case. Call today for a private consultation.

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