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Drug conspiracy charges are different than other charges in that they don’t necessarily involve a person distributing drugs. A conspiracy in parlance of the criminal realm involves an agreement to commit a criminal act between two or more people, and one of those individuals taking some substantial step towards completing the object of the conspiracy.

Conspiracy will often relate to a situation where there is a common enterprise among individuals to sell drugs, but different people perform different roles in that organization. A person who is involved in manufacturing drugs or a person who is involved in distributing drugs may anticipate being charged with a conspiracy. However, this can also be something that someone who handles their finances or some other legal part of the business does, because it is a drug enterprise and can be charged with drug conspiracy. These charges are very serious, and anyone who is facing drug conspiracy charges in Manassas, should contact a Manassas drug conspiracy lawyer as soon as is possible.

Elements of a Conspiracy Charge

In a conspiracy case, Manassas prosecutors have to prove that there was an agreement among at least two people to undertake the criminal act, and they have to show that at least one of those individuals took a substantial step towards the completion of the criminal act.

Conspiracy is a distinct offense from the criminal action that was conspired to, and the appellate courts have said that there is no implication of double jeopardy when a person is charged with conspiracy to commit a crime as well as the completed crime. A person can find themselves punished for both the planning and agreement phase of the crime as well as the acts undertaken to complete the crime.

Drug Conspiracy Investigations

Drug conspiracies are investigated by the police using all of the tools at their disposal. Some of the more common ones involve using undercover police, confidential informants, and surveillance of locations. Another way that drug conspiracies are often investigated is on the financial end. If there is some kind of banking activity which draws suspicion, this can sometimes be reported by banks and investigated by police. Also, there are often efforts to launder the money, which is to take illegal money and run it through some legal enterprise in order to be able to place it in a financial institution. Sometimes conspiracies are discovered because of the way that the laundering operation takes place.

Advantages of a Manassas Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

When a person is charged with a drug conspiracy case, they are facing one of the more complicated kinds of cases to both prosecute and defend, and one of a number of cases which have some of the most serious penalties. Thus, they need someone who has a wealth of experience in handling all kinds of drug cases, but particularly in handling drug conspiracy cases. They should look for a drug conspiracy lawyer in Manassas who has experience and a proven track record in this area, and can speak to all of the complexities, various facets, and aspects of a case of this kind.

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