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Volume Dealer and Continuing Criminal Enterprise in Manassas

A volume dealer is someone who traffics a large quantity of a particular kind of drug. In some cases where there is large enough quantity of drug, it will trigger interest from the federal government who may bring charges in addition to the state charges that are brought. In addition, when someone is distributing a large enough quantity of drugs in Manassas, it can trigger a more severe reaction from the judicial system, including harsher sentences and other penalties. These harsher penalties make it all the more important for anyone facing volume dealer or continuing enterprise charges to work with an experienced Manassas drug attorney to build a strong defense.

Volume Dealing

Catching drug dealers who are trafficking large quantities of drugs is always a high priority in Manassas, even though it is something that is less common than other kinds of drugs offenses. Nevertheless, the drug trade is very active in the Manassas area. Since it is an area that has a relatively high level of affluence, the ability to purchase large quantities of drugs and the desire to do so is always fairly high. It is not too rare of a charge, and it is one of the most serious kinds of charges that a person can face. Thus, it is extremely important to have an attorney who has experience with cases of this type.

Manassas Investigations

Volume dealer cases are investigated in a similar fashion to other kinds of cases in which police apprehend a person who is either in possession of drugs or selling a small quantity of drugs, and make an effort to recruit that individual as a confidential informant. The higher up the chain that the police are able to get, the more likely they are to encounter someone who is dealing a large quantity of drugs. It is frequently the case that these matters are investigated through the use of undercover police, confidential informants, and tools that are in the police’s disposal for detective activity.

Continuing Criminal Enterprise

A continuing criminal enterprise is one where there is a course of conduct which is pursued on a persistent and ongoing basis, and which is criminal in nature. Rather than simply looking at a single incident or even a series of incidents which may be criminal in nature, if there are enough of these, it may be considered an ongoing criminal enterprise, which can be treated more seriously under Virginia law.


The penalties for these kinds of charges are some of the more severe that are available under the law. Whenever an individual or group of individuals is engaged in this kind of activity on an ongoing or a long-term basis, it is usually going to involve a lot of transactions and a large quantity of drugs. Also, the more of these that happen, the more likely the person is to face charges which will be measured in years, or potentially even decades, depending on the Commonwealth’s evidence.

Benefits of an Experienced Manassas Lawyer

It is important to have an experienced Manassas lawyer in these cases because the consequences are so severe. The government’s proof is often more complicated and more voluminous in these kinds of cases than in others. This is not the kind of case to have an attorney who is just learning how to defend this kind of case, or who is unfamiliar with the burdens of proof or the most common and successful ways to defend these kinds of charges. It is true with every kind of case, but perhaps more true with criminal cases where there is simply no substitute for experience.

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