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Those who commit crimes involving guns in McLean may face serious criminal penalties. If convicted, a person could serve time in jail or prison, be limited on their right to carry firearms, and have their driving privileges limited.  These crimes can range in severity from misdemeanors to felonies.

Various laws in Virginia criminalize certain activities committed with guns. Residents of McLean, as well as visitors to the area, may not know all the actions that statutes prohibit. A McLean gun lawyer who is familiar with these laws may be able to help those charged with firearms-related offenses defend themselves against prosecution. If you have been accused of a criminal act involving a firearm, speak with a well-practiced defense attorney.

Examples of Gun Crimes in Virginia

It is a felony offense to commit another felony while using or displaying a firearm. In addition, many different crimes prohibit the carrying, possession, or brandishing of a gun. These offenses include:

  • Possessing a gun while on school property
  • A minor possessing a handgun or assault gun
  • A previously-convicted felon possessing or transporting a firearm or other prohibited weapon
  • Stealing a firearm from another person, or modifying or destroying a firearm’s serial number
  • Endangering others through reckless handling of a gun
  • Purchasing a firearm with the intention to sell it to someone who cannot legally possess it
  • Carrying a concealed weapon without having a permit to do so

Penalties for these crimes range from serving 12 months in jail to ten years or more in prison. Potential fines of $2,500 or more are also a possibility with a conviction for many gun crimes. Certain gun crimes, such as recklessly handling a firearm while hunting (Va. Code § 18.2-56.1(B)), can result in collateral consequences such as the suspension of a hunting license. A gun lawyer in McLean could review a defendant’s case and advise them on the best defense to minimize these potential penalties.

Defenses Available for Crimes Involving Firearms and Other Weapons

In evaluating a defendant’s case, McLean attorneys may identify one or more legal defenses to gun-related charges. Many of these offenses require those charged to have acted with a “culpable mindset,” meaning the defendant acted intentionally or negligently. Eliciting convincing evidence that these people did not possess this mindset at the time they allegedly committed their offenses may be a viable defense.

Other defense strategies may focus on attacking the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses. Witnesses who claim to have seen a gun may not be credible to the court. Photographs or videos purporting to show an incident involving a gun may not be convincing to a judge or jury. If the prosecution’s case does not convince a judge or jury of people’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, then the defendant cannot be convicted of that crime.

Every case involving a firearm-related crime is different. Dedicated defense attorneys who regularly represent people charged with gun crimes could work with defendants to determine what strategies and tactics are most likely to result in a favorable resolution for them.

Enlist the Help of a McLean Gun Attorney for Your Defense

If you find yourself facing one or more firearm-related criminal charges, you should retain an experienced McLean gun lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will work to secure your release pending trial if the police arrested you and could also assist in preparing and presenting your defense.

Do not hesitate in contacting a skilled lawyer to defend you. Speak with an attorney today about your firearm charges.

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