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Gun Laws in Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County, as well as the rest of the Commonwealth of Virginia, has fairly open laws and relatively lax restrictions on firearms. However, if you violate these laws, there can be severe consequences. An experienced attorney could help explain gun laws in Mecklenburg County, and how potential violations might occur. Gun charges will be prosecuted by the Commonwealth Attorney, and having a knowledgeable gun lawyer on your side could help defend you from those charges.

Mecklenburg Gun Laws Compared to Other Locations

Mecklenburg County has less restrictive gun laws than most of in the United States. Virginia does not require any form of registration or permit for owning or purchasing a firearm. Additionally, Virginia allows for the open carry of firearms without any form of licensure in most locations in Mecklenburg County. Individuals may openly carry a firearm in most public spaces such as the street, certain businesses, and even state parks.

The best resource for learning about gun laws in Mecklenburg County is to review the Code of Virginia, which is available online in its entirety. The Code Sections under the Health and Safety chapter will provide the most detailed information related to gun laws in Virginia. Also, the Virginia State Police has information on their website and they could be consulted in person or over the phone. However, one of the best sources for information on firearms law will be an experienced lawyer.

Out-of-State Gun Ownership

No specific action is required when a person moves to Mecklenburg County from out-of-state regarding their gun ownership. There is no tax for transferring guns to the state of Virginia, as Virginia does not require any form of firearms registration.

For an individual to carry a concealed firearm, there are certain requirements. To obtain a Concealed Carry License (CCL), an individual must file a petition in the Mecklenburg County Circuit Court to receive that permit.

Mecklenburg County does have reciprocity for CCL’s with other jurisdictions. This means that if you have a CCL in another state, there is a good chance that the Commonwealth of Virginia will honor that permit without any restriction. Although, licenses from certain states may not qualify for this reciprocity of privilege. Travelers or people moving to the state should consult a lawyer to be sure their second amendment and CCL rights are protected while they are in Mecklenburg County.

Gun Crime in Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County does not have much violent crime. However, when a violent crime occurs, firearms are frequently involved in that crime. Violating Mecklenburg County gun laws are an aggravating factor to most crimes. Generally, another crime is being committed the same time or has been committed in the past in order for the gun laws to apply. An example would be enhancing a theft charge to robbery because a firearm was used.

Call a Lawyer About Mecklenburg County Firearm Laws

Gun laws violations carry serious consequences. Ignorance of the law is will not be a successful defense in court if you commit a firearms law violation. Contacting a lawyer about potential questions or confusion regarding gun laws might prevent a violation from occurring.

You should contact an attorney immediately if you have been charged with a gun crime so they might begin building a defense of your rights immediately. Call today to schedule a consultation for your case and to learn more about gun laws in Mecklenburg County.

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