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Traveling with a concealed weapon is considered unlawful. Legal reasons for transporting a firearm could include taking the gun to a gun range to shoot it, to sight the gun, or to go hunting.  If you are facing charges for improperly traveling with a gun, a distinguished Mecklenburg gun attorney can help you build your defense.

Unlawful firearm transportation offenses in Mecklenburg can also apply to ammunition travel. The buzzword for traveling with ammunition is another legal word that comes up in larceny cases: ‘asportation.’ If the ammunition has been moved from one place to another and is illegal because the place where it is moved to or because of the person, that is asportation.

Taking Steps to Legally Transport Firearms

Depending on the type of firearm, there are many different ways a person can approach safe transportation. They can use gun locks, trigger locks, carrying cases, gun safes, and small gun safes that are easily transportable. A person wants to be aware of the conceal requirements as far as they apply to transports. The individual should ensure the gun is in a compartment or otherwise stowed away so that the person is not risking any type of violation of the concealed carry requirements.

Traveling with a concealed gun is considered unlawful. Therefore, there is a larger importance placed on having the firearm in plain view for the scenario to be considered open carry. If a person runs across law enforcement in any kind of way, volunteer that information immediately. It may be critical to contact a Mecklenburg firearm transportation lawyer for any other necessary steps towards legal gun travel.

Permanent Restriction to Transport

The main examples of people who can never transport a firearm are people with certain types of criminal records, such as felonies. If they are in Mecklenburg and they have a felony record in any of the states, including Puerto Rico, they cannot possess or transport a firearm.

Penalties for Unlawful Transportation

The charges faced by unlawful travel can be very serious and can carry mandatory Department of Corrections time. Transportation is covered in the same statute as possession, meaning it carries the same penalties. Mecklenburg firearm transportation lawyers have seen penalties for these offenses ranging from a lower-level felony without mandatory time to five-years mandatory minimum.

The person will face potential jail time, prison time, and forfeiture of the ammunition if they are not lawfully entitled to be carrying it. If the charges are dropped, the possibility of expungement is very good, but there are only certain instances the charge would be dropped. The person would either not be prosecuted or be found innocent. There are only a few narrow exceptions for when expungements are possible.

Unlawfully traveling with ammunition in Mecklenburg is a severe crime if the person is a felon. That would be considered a felony charge. People who are not felons and who are appropriately registered can carry ammunition. If they are using their firearm in a legal way, obviously, with no intent to harm anyone, they can travel with ammunition.

Mitigating Charges with an Attorney

The number one step to mitigating charges would be to consult an attorney if they have any questions or concerns because different areas have different local, and state, and federal laws. A person does not want to be legally covered in one area and not covered in another when crossing certain boundaries. Consulting a firearm transportation attorney in Mecklenburg with specific information about any kind of travel and transportation plans is going to be the best way not to violate any laws.

If a person gets a Mecklenburg firearm transportation lawyer early in the process, they can advise the person about not making a statement, when to make a statement, what information will be beneficial to the case, and what information isn’t. attorneys generally have good relationships with local law enforcement and can help the person navigate the legal system.

Someone should contact an attorney for their relationship with local law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges. They can give the person charged an idea of what is going to happen step-by-step in the process after a person has been charged. They can assist in planning how to proceed with their client’s case to ensure the best possible outcome for their case.

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