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For many individuals, receiving first DUI charges in Prince William County will be their initial experience with the criminal justice system. In these situations, you need to make choices that could help make a positive impact on your future during this challenging time. In most cases, this means contacting an experienced DUI attorney who can represent you in court. A dedicated lawyer can gather evidence, interview key witnesses, and examine the ways in which law enforcement carried out the stop and arrest to see if they possessed probable cause. Read on to learn more about what constitutes one’s first DUI charges in Prince William County, as well as the ways a skilled attorney could offer you their assistance today.

The Importance of a Local Attorney

Although DUI laws are consistent across the Commonwealth of Virginia, there are many local nuances regarding how these charges are treated by law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges. After being arrested in Prince William County and charged with driving under the influence, it will be crucial for a driver to consult with a legal advocate who understands how these charges are handled in their jurisdiction.

Challenging Evidence

In addition, a working knowledge of the law and the science behind DUI charges is essential for effectively responding to DUI charges. This is because evidence can sometimes be effectively challenged as a result of an illegal search or a problem with the way the evidence was processed. An attorney who defends DUI cases understands how these cases work and will be there to help ensure the defendant makes strategic choices aimed at dismissing their case or securing a not guilty verdict. Reach out to a skilled defense lawyer to learn more.

Consequences for First DUI Charges in Prince William County

Taking a first DUI charge seriously is essential because even first-time defendants could potentially be incarcerated if convicted. The loss of one’s driver’s license is also guaranteed if found guilty. For violating DUI laws set forth in Virginia Code Section 18.2-266, a one-year license suspension is imposed. For the first offense with a blood alcohol concentration level of .15 to .20, there is a mandatory minimum jail term of five days. If a defendant’s BAC is .20 or above, the mandatory minimum jail term is 10 days. In addition to a minimum $250 fine for a first offense, defendants who are convicted can expect significantly higher automobile insurance costs after the return of their license to drive.

Consult with a DUI Attorney Today

Avoiding consequences or minimizing penalties should be your primary focus as you respond to a first-time DUI charge. An attorney with legal knowledge and extensive local experience can provide advice on the available options for responding to your charges and can advocate aggressively for your rights at each phase of the post-arrest process. While considering one’s first DUI charges in Prince William County may seem daunting, know that you do not have to face them alone. If you are in need of professional legal assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to a determined defense lawyer today for your initial consultation.

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