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Carjacking is an enhanced type of robbery charge that could carry a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison all the way up to life in prison. With so much at stake, it is important to work with a capable legal advocate.

By contacting a Prince William County carjacking lawyer as soon as possible, you may be able to better defend your case and reputation. Reach out to a seasoned criminal attorney today.

Defining Carjacking

In Virginia, carjacking could occur when an individual:

  • Seizes control of a motor vehicle belonging to another;
  • Has intent to deprive the person in possession or control of that vehicle of such possession or control; and
  • Inflicts actual or threatened serious bodily harm

The prosecution may also have to prove the basic circumstances of the offense such as correct jurisdiction, venue, and date of an offense.

Separate Charges Included in Carjacking

A carjacking may constitute a combination of auto theft and an assault, just as a normal robbery may constitute a combination of larceny and assault.

Differentiating Between Carjacking, Auto Theft, and Joyriding

Auto theft and joyriding could both be considered as lesser offenses than that of carjacking. Auto theft could be accomplished without the use of force or threat of violence upon a person, and may not carry a minimum sentence of imprisonment. Joyriding is a minor felony form of theft where a defendant may be accused of taking temporary control of another vehicle without the use of force.

What to Expect When Working With A Carjacking Attorney

When charged with carjacking, an individual may want to contact a Prince William County carjacking lawyer right away. During the first encounter with the lawyer and/or the lawyer’s office, the person could expect to be asked basic information about the charge, such as:

  • When and where it occurred
  • When the next court date could be
  • If the defendant was granted a bond

In order to accurately quote the cost of representation, the lawyer may need to get an approximate idea of the strength of the evidence for and against the defendant, and whether the case could go to trial.

Potential for Probation in a Carjacking Case

If the vehicle is recovered and restored to the victim, and the alleged carjacking did not involve much physical or emotional trauma to the plaintiff, a defense attorney might obtain an agreement for the defendant.

A Prince William County carjacking lawyer could help in getting a reduced felony charge to auto theft or joyriding. This may then only call for probation if the defendant does not have a notable criminal history. The same arrangement might be reached if the prosecution’s evidence is significantly weak or problematic on one or more of the core issues in the case.

Contacting a Prince William County Carjacking Attorney

A person charged with carjacking may want to contact a criminal lawyer as soon as possible because it is a serious charge that could require a lot of legal advice and preparation over a considerable period of time. A Prince William County carjacking lawyer could help you pursue a suitable outcome for your case.

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