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Robbery could be defined as larceny that is accomplished by violence or intimidation against someone. As this is considered a serious criminal offense, seeking the help of a Prince William County robbery lawyer could be a suitable way to defend your case. Contact a seasoned criminal attorney today that could begin working on your case.

Elements of a Robbery Charge in Prince William County

The elements of common law robbery may be:

  • A gain of possession over another person’s property by the defendant
  • By removing the property from the person or presence of the property’s owner
  • With the intent to permanently deprive the owner of that property
  • Without the owner’s consent
  • Through the use of violence or intimidation directed toward the owner

Negotiating a Robbery Charge to a Theft Charge

If the defendant could be proven to have little to no criminal record, that may be a major factor in negotiating a robbery down to a misdemeanor theft charge. If the prosecution has weak evidence regarding the use of violence or intimidation elements of the robbery charge is weak, that could also pave the way for a misdemeanor reduction.

This may happen if the plaintiff appears to not be a credible or an unbiased witness. It may also occur if there is little to no evidence that the plaintiff had substantial injury or threat to their person.

Gaining the Help of a Robbery Lawyer

If the defense attorney has more experience handling robbery cases than the prosecutor assigned to the case, the defense attorney could use that to their advantage and use previous experience to help a case. This could have an intimidating effect on the prosecutor and potentially lead to a more suitable outcome for your case.

A Prince William County robbery lawyer may have developed a reputation in the local legal community as a respectable trial lawyer, therefore that could make your case more viable. This could be leveraged to dissuade or intimidate the prosecution in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney may also have a significant amount of experience handling cases with a particular prosecutor who could be assigned to the case.

This type of circumstance could yield beneficial results if the prosecutor trusts or respects the Virginia-based criminal defense attorney. These can be small benefits, like broader or quicker discovery of evidence than what is normally provided, all the way up to large benefits like more favorable plea bargains than what is typically offered.

Why Contact a Prince William County Robbery Attorney?

A person could contact a Prince William County robbery lawyer as soon as possible when charged with any crime. Theft is still an offense that could carry one or more years of potential jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.

Cases may start out as a theft before being upgraded to a robbery or a more serious property offense like burglary. To avoid further charges, getting the help of an attorney who could fight tirelessly for your case could be useful when building a defense.

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