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While it is required that every individual on the road has some form of coverage, unfortunately, not all drivers in Prince William County carry insurance. If convicted for driving without the proper coverage, uninsured drivers face the risk of losing their license and facing severe fines.

Virginia’s summary insurance requirements can be viewed on the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle’s website. Essentially, drivers throughout the state—including within Prince William County—must either be covered by a sufficient auto insurance policy or have paid a $500 uninsured motor vehicle UMV) fee to the DMV to drive in the Commonwealth lawfully.

If you were accused of driving without proper coverage—or if you are looking to better understand the insurance you need before getting behind the wheel—a Prince William County driving without insurance lawyer could help. A dedicated attorney could answer your questions, explain your rights, and work to defend you against any possible charges you face.

Common Scenarios Where Uninsured Driving Charges Occur

The most common scenario leading to an uninsured driving charge is when a police officer asks a driver whether they are insured upon being pulled over, and the driver says no. As an example, an officer could ask a driver if they have an insurance policy card or other proof of insurance upon being stopped.

Other common scenarios include being pulled over at a time when a coverage policy—or an uninsured motor vehicle fee period—has expired or is pending renewal. Similarly, this might also arise when a properly-insured person is allowing a person who is not properly-covered to drive their vehicle.

Furthermore, since auto insurance policies are typically tied to the validity of a vehicle’s license and registration, frequent receivers of uninsured driving charges include:

  • Poor people
  • Individuals who are dealing with ongoing administrative driving penalties from the DMV for past driving convictions
  • Those who are not full citizens are frequent receivers of uninsured driving charges

Additionally, there are many cases where drivers could be charged with uninsured driving for vehicles that were recently transferred or sold to someone elsewhere. Each driver may not have completely maintained respective insurance for the vehicle at some point before or after the change in possession of the vehicle. A knowledgeable Prince William County lawyer could help uninsured drivers understand how they may be charged with this offense.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

In Virginia, driving without insurance is a Class 3 Misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to a $500 fine, but not any jail time. As a criminal offense, it could stay on someone’s criminal record for the rest of their lives. Additional penalties specific to this conviction include:

  • Being charged a $500 uninsured motor vehicle fee by the Virginia DMV
  • Administrative license suspension by the DMV until proof is shown that proper coverage was provided
  • The requirement to obtain a high-risk insurance policy for a minimum of three consecutive years before being eligible to reinstate suspended driving privileges in the state

It should be noted that there are no DMV demerit points associated with an uninsured driving conviction. After being convicted, an individual’s conviction would be sent to the Virginia DMV. The DMV would then revoke their driver’s license, license plates, and registration status within the state, until they obtain the proper coverage again.

Being caught driving while suspended, driving with improper plates, or driving without registration are further driving offenses in Virginia. A well-versed driving without insurance attorney in Prince William County could review a person’s traffic case and help the fight back against a conviction.

How a Prince William County Driving without Insurance Attorney Might Help

Being charged with uninsured driving could drastically limit a person’s ability to operate a vehicle in the future. This may negatively impact their ability to attend school, work, or maintain their professional and social lives. Furthermore, a charge could lead to a mark on their criminal record, as well as causing them to incur fines.

Because of these serious penalties, it is important to reach out to a Prince William County driving without insurance lawyer to learn what rights and legal options you may have available in your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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