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Prince William County Tickets for Out of State Drivers Lawyer

If an out of state driver receives a ticket, the first thing they should do is speak with a Prince William County tickets for out of state drivers lawyer. Traffic tickets generally do not require court appearances, and if a driver wants to admit to the charge and pay a smaller fine, they can do so.

However, the consequences of a ticket outside of the pre-payable fine may not be listed on the ticket. A local traffic attorney could help their client determine how serious their charge is and whether disputing the ticket is worthwhile.

Contesting an Out of State Ticket

To contest a ticket, drivers must show up to court. One major benefit of having a Prince William County lawyer with experience in out of state ticket cases is that they can show up in their client’s place to dispute the ticket, as long as there is no potential jail sentence.

Traffic attorneys also are usually more effective and efficient at disputing a charge than a driver who is representing themselves. A lawyer may be able to move court dates as needed for a client’s availability and can give clients informed expectations of what outcomes are likely in their case.

Ultimately, an attorney may be able to save clients from more serious offenses, aggravating amounts of demerit points, and license suspensions in Virginia, all of which would result in increases in the cost of auto insurance policies that could extend over a long period of time.

Consequences of Ignoring a Traffic Ticket

In Virginia, any driver who does not pay off their traffic citation ticket by the scheduled deadline could have their driving privileges suspended by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles until payment is received. Some states have interstate agreements with Virginia, such that Virginia’s license suspension could then be imposed in the driver’s home state as well.

Ignorance of Laws as a Defense

A general principle of traffic law is that ignorance of the law is not an excuse. It is therefore rare that an out of state driver’s unfamiliarity with Virginia law could contribute to some legal defense. Such unfamiliarity, however, can sometimes be effectively used to informally mitigate the case in the eyes of the charging officer or the assigned prosecutor.

Certain traffic court judges also might be sympathetic to out of state drivers, but this can be unpredictable based on the type of charge, the judge’s outlook on Virginia’s traffic laws, and how the out of state driver explains their lack of knowledge as it applied to their case. A knowledgeable Prince William County tickets for out of state drivers attorney could review their client’s case to determine if unfamiliarity of local traffic laws could be used as a defense in their case.

Important Information for Out of State Drivers

Out of state drivers should know that law enforcement in Prince William County is fairly used to dealing with tickets for non-Virginia drivers. This is because multiple interstate highways run through the county and it is near the borders of multiple other states. The courts do not automatically treat out of state drivers better or worse than Virginia drivers, but they are more sensitive to the hardship of making court appearances for them.

Many states do not have regulatory licensing schemes that are as harsh as Virginia’s, so an out of state driving record can be a favorable piece of evidence to present in a Prince William County traffic case. Depending on the state, the prosecution may not know how to interpret its offense history descriptions or its point balances.

Out of state drivers, however, should be aware that Virginia’s traffic laws could be worse than their home state’s laws. A seasoned lawyer in Prince William country who is familiar with tickets for out of state drivers could fight on behalf of an out of state driver to reduce the likelihood of additional charges and consequences.

Contact a Prince William County Tickets for Out of State Drivers Attorney

Minor mistakes can happen while you are driving, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area and the local traffic laws. Law enforcement, however, does not take this into account when giving drivers tickets.

If you received a ticket and are licensed out of state, reach out a Prince William County tickets for out of state drivers lawyer to assess your case. A legal professional could help you understand your rights and decide how to proceed.

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