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Alexandria Marijuana DUI Drug Testing

In marijuana DUI cases, the type of test used typically depends on whether Alexandria police officers are testing what is in your system or just testing drugs they found on your person. Testing in Alexandria marijuana DUI cases typically involve blood tests where police officers will bring an individual to a hospital to have their blood drawn.

In a marijuana DUI case, after someone has been arrested, you will immediately be taken to a hospital where they will take a sample of your blood. This is generally true of any case where someone is pulled over and is under suspicion for driving under the influence of drugs.

Indicators Officers Look for in Alexandria Marijuana DUI Cases

Alexandria police officers are looking for common indicators that anyone would be able to observe, to determine if somebody is under the influence of marijuana. They are of course looking for the odor of marijuana. They are looking at whether your eyes are bloodshot and red. They are looking at where your mental faculties are, meaning whether you can follow instructions and have a conversation.

They also look at your coordination and will have you do some coordination tests. They are looking for a slow response on the coordination test or inability to complete the steps which the test requires. It is a standard test which would show that your ability to drive has been impaired by drugs.

Blood Testing

Law enforcement officials will then send the blood off to a laboratory where the Department of Forensic Science employs analysts who will review the blood sample and see if they can detect any marijuana or other drugs in it. The test is done by an actual person who reviews the blood, looking specifically for marijuana in the system. That is the test that will be used. They will produce a certificate which can be admitted at trial to show the level of marijuana in your system at that time.

If police are testing for drugs on the side of the road, not ingested drugs, they will typically use the Duquenois–Levine Reagent test, which is a field test that can quickly tell whether a substance is marijuana. They often will send marijuana off to the lab for testing as well.

Someone who has been arrested for driving while under the influence of marijuana should call an Alexandria drug DUI lawyer as soon as they get the chance.

How Marijuana DUI Drug Cases Are Treated in Alexandria

Marijuana drug cases are treated the exact same as any other drug DUI. The real issue is how intoxicated or under the influence you were. No matter what drug you are on, whether it is illegal or legal, or a “hard” drug or a “soft” drug, they will treat it almost the exact same. They will be punished the same.

The trial will proceed almost the same as any other. There are no breaks given just because it is marijuana. They believe you are under the influence of marijuana. They will prosecute you for driving under the influence of drugs and treat you the same as if the drug were heroin or cocaine.

To learn more about drug testing for marijuana DUI drug cases in Alexandria, call today to schedule a consultation with an experienced local attorney.

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