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Prosecution of Alexandria DUI Cases

In Alexandria, DUI cases are handled in the General District Court. The prosecutor will often not make too many reductions in charges from DUI since they take them seriously. You can expect that you may either go to trial or accept a plea to the charge.

Because law enforcement officials in the area take DUI charges very seriously, it is valuable to have an experienced Alexandria DUI lawyer by your side throughout the process. Having an attorney means having an advocate fighting for you and your interests during the entire process.

Priority of DUI Charges for Alexandria Law Enforcement

Driving under the influence cases are of great concern for Alexandria law enforcement officers, because driving under the influence can have serious consequences on public safety. Police officers believe that if they don’t actively and vigilantly enforce DUIs, there is always the possibility that more people’s lives will be put at risk. Someone driving under the influence is also typically easy to spot, so they receive a lot of attention from local police.

Often police and judges are pressured, not only from their own moral offense and their own sense of justice but from the community, to make sure that DUI offenses are not prevalent where they live.

Members of the community are very concerned about the safety of their children, and feel especially protective if they believe there are people out there that may be putting their children at risk. As a result, they will pass their concern onto Alexandria police officers who take on the task of trying to prevent people from driving under the influence.

Unique Aspects of Alexandria DUI Cases

There is nothing unique about Alexandria DUI cases because DUI cases are punishable under the Virginia code, which applies statewide. However, you can expect that prosecutors in Alexandria are not going to reduce the charges. They take them seriously. They do not break down the charges very often. They are not lenient when it comes to DUI offenses. The judges in Alexandria also take DUI cases very seriously and are not very lenient.

Nuances in Prosecution

There are tons of nuances to DUI law in Virginia. There have been many cases that have been filed on various issues that apply to all aspects of DUI. There are a lot of DUI arrests made. Therefore, there are a lot of DUI trials and a lot of DUI appeals that have gone through the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Virginia.

Field sobriety tests and preliminary roadside breath tests are two very nuanced areas of Alexandria DUI cases. There are certain things that police have to do to be able to analyze or be able to use their observations in court, specifically with the preliminary breath test. There are certain things they must say to you. There is a corporation that allows for the miscibility of the preliminary process only in certain circumstances.

Should a police officer fail to follow the established rules in administering a preliminary breath test, there may be grounds for dismissing your case.

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