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Alexandria Independent Blood and Urine Testing

Oftentimes, there can be differences between a state administered blood and urine test as opposed to a test administered privately. A private administration can frequently prove that the specific drugs found in the individual’s system were either prescribed with a proper prescription or taken in a way in which an individual would not reasonably expect to react in the way they had been accused of reacting.

If you have found yourself in this situation, it is pertinent that you contact an experienced Alexandria DUI lawyer immediately. A proper lawyer will be able to build a strong case which can be fought effectively  to lessen any penalties you may be facing.

Importance of a Blood and Urine Test

Having independent blood and urine testing done immediately following a DUI in Alexandria can be incredibly important in many cases. The testing that is administered by the police looks for certain things but not others, so it may be important for an individual to have a different kind of test administered. This is so that an individual, for example, may be able to prove that there was something else in their system other than an illegal drug, which not only may have caused them to be under the influence, but perhaps caused that to happen in a way that the individual did not anticipate or could not reasonably have been expected to know would occur.

Benefits of Private Administration

Independent blood testing may be administered in order for a more comprehensive test to be completed than the one given by the police. There are a number of relevant things that a person may be able to show in an independent test that simply will not show up in the test that the government administers.

Use as Evidence

If a person has a mix of drugs in their system that caused an unanticipated interaction, which then led to them not being able to safely operate a motor vehicle, an individual can argue a defense on that fact.

An independent blood and urine test may show that these various drugs existed in their system, were perhaps prescribed, but had no reason to know that they would have a negative interaction. This can often be used as a defense in an Alexandria DUI case, whereas the test that the government-administered may simply show that there is a prescription drug in an individual’s system and that they are present in a high enough quantity to render a person under the influence.

Role of Expert Witnesses

A person who does the independent analysis of someone’s blood will be brought in to contradict the results of the government’s test or even to offer an alternate explanation as to what happened during that test. In conjunction with looking at the independent test, an expert witness may be able to explain the behavior that happened in the case in a light that is more favorable to the defendant.

Reviewing Evidence

In addition to independent blood and urine testing, which may be appropriate in certain cases, a DUI attorney is always going to need to review the basic facts of the case, review police reports, review video that may exist, and have a thorough interview of the defendant in order find out all of the facts of the case. This will help a lawyer determine what strategies and tactics are going to yield the best possible results.

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