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Arlington DUI Courts

Arlington DUI courts can impose harsh punishments and sentences on offenders. If you have sustained a DUI charge or conviction in Arlington, you may need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who could assist you with your case.

A DUI defense lawyer may be able to help you assert a strong legal defense to your charge. If you have already sustained a DUI conviction, a lawyer could be able to help you push for a lighter criminal sentence in the Arlington DUI courts.

General District Courts

Since the majority of Arlington DUI offenses are misdemeanors, these charges usually fall within the General District Court’s jurisdiction. The district court possesses final jurisdiction over all misdemeanor cases. In felony DUI cases, the general district court holds the preliminary hearing.

General District Court judges treat DUI cases very seriously. Therefore, it is imperative that a defendant seeks the services of a lawyer who could defend them in the Arlington DUI courts.

Circuit Courts

In a DUI case, if the General District Court finds the defendant guilty, the defendant has a direct right of appeal to the circuit court. Circuit courts have jurisdiction to hear misdemeanor appeal cases and will review each case with a fresh set of eyes, so to speak.

Many defendants do not appeal decisions of the General District Court. However, when a defendant does appeal such a decision, the case must proceed forward in the circuit court.

In addition to hearing district court appeal cases, circuit courts hear trials in all felony DUI cases. This is because the General District Court does not have the jurisdiction to hear a felony trial.

In felony DUI cases, the General District Court will hold the preliminary hearing, and after finding probable cause, will certify the case to the circuit court. Once the circuit court receives the felony DUI case, it will schedule a trial date.

Like judges of the General District Court, their circuit court counterparts will treat a DUI case with equal care and concern. Nevertheless, judges still have a duty to safeguard all of the defendant’s constitutional rights and to ensure that the Commonwealth proves its case beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that the government must prove its case beyond a doubt based upon ordinary reason and common sense.

How a DUI Defense Lawyer Can Help

In a case pending before an Arlington DUI court, an accomplished DUI defense lawyer could be an invaluable help. For example, a DUI defense lawyer may be able to help with the following:

  • Coming up with a valid legal defense to a DUI charge
  • Arguing for a dismissal of the charge
  • Arguing for probation or some other alternative to jail time
  • Recommending a charge reduction to the prosecutor
  • Arguing for a lighter sentence post-conviction

An Attorney Could Defend a Case in the Arlington DUI Courts

Arlington courts treat drunk driving cases very seriously. If you have sustained a charge or conviction for DUI, a DUI defense lawyer may be able to assist you with your case. You should call a lawyer as soon as possible after sustaining your charge to find out how they can help you in the Arlington DUI courts.

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