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Prosecution of Third-Offense Arlington DUI

Prosecutors in Arlington treat a third-offense DUI cases very, very seriously. They now have an individual who has been charged three times within the previous ten years, twice been convicted, and now has been accused again. The head prosecutor is elected by the citizenry to protect the citizens and if they feel that someone cannot control themselves to the point that they’re picking up three DUIs within 10 years, that’s an extreme concern to the prosecutor.

These charges are felonies and are unlikely to be made into misdemeanors. They are unlikely to end up with any non-active jail sentence. Prosecutors treat them severely. To learn more about the prosecution of a third-offense DUI in Arlington, speak with a local lawyer as soon as possible.

How Courts Treat Third-Offense DUIs

Courts treat these cases extremely seriously. They punish them harshly. They’re concerned that the driver is unable to learn their lesson from previous convictions. They worry about the community they represent. They punish these individuals very harshly with jail sentences, indefinite suspensions of licenses, large fines, and anything else that the judge can do to help deter this individual from committing a fourth offense.

Third-Offense v. First and Second DUIs

A third-offense DUI is different because it’s a felony offense instead of a misdemeanor. It is punishable by up to five years in prison.  There are high mandatory jail sentences. There are high fines and there is an indefinite license suspension. In comparison, first and second DUI offenses are not punished as severely. The punishments are treated very differently between first, second, and third offenses. Someone who has been charged with a DUI for the third time in Arlington can expect the courts and judges to treat these cases very harshly.

Penalties for Third-Offense DUI in Arlington

If your three offenses all occur within the five-year period and you’re convicted of the third offense, you are going to be convicted of a class 6 felony. It is zero to five years in jail and a $2,500 fine for a regular class 6 felony. However, in the case of a third-offense DUI, there’s a mandatory minimum jail sentence of six months and a mandatory fine of $1,000.

If your three DUI sentences were committed within a period of more than five years in the past, but less than 10 years ago, you are still going to be convicted of a class 6 felony if you are found guilty of the charge. Again, that is zero to five years in jail and a $2,500 fine range of punishment.

Here, however, as it is a third-offense DUI you have a mandatory jail sentence of 90 days. You will be doing 90 days in jail if convicted and given a $1,000 fine at least. Additionally, you’re going to lose your license indefinitely if you’re convicted of three DUI convictions.

Your License If Charged and Convicted

Once someone has been charged with a third DUI in Arlington, their license is suspended indefinitely. The court can reissue it after an extended period of time. However, because the license is suspended indefinitely, you have to reapply to the court to get your license back. Additionally, you must wait five years before applying to have your license reinstated.

Challenging a License Suspension

There is no room to challenge a license suspension after being charged for a DUI in Arlington for the third time within ten years. It is required by law that your license be suspended infinitely. It’s not something in the discretion of a judge. If you’re convicted of a third-offense DUI, the judge has no room to negotiate the indefinite suspension of your license. It’s not something that you can negotiate.

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