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Credit card fraud is a serious crime which could leave individuals with potentially serious consequences. Depending on the severity of the charge, Individuals facing such charges may face significant fines and even jail time.

A conviction could go on your record and have a significant impact on your reputation and relationships. Since having a record may follow you for the rest of your life, individuals who are charged with credit card fraud may even find it difficult to get a job.

In order to maintain your reputation and legal standings, consider consulting with an Arlington credit card fraud lawyer to discuss your legal options. An experienced attorney may be able to advise you on the best course of action and could help you clear your name of such charges.

Defining Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is theft while using a credit card, and is loosely defined as anytime that a person either uses someone else’s credit card either without their authorization or without the card operator’s authorization.

Penalties in the State of Virginia

The penalty for credit card fraud depends on the amount of fraud committed. If less than $200.00 of fraud is committed within a six-month period, the penalty may be a misdemeanor offense which comes with a misdemeanor theft charge with that same amount. If the offense is over $200.00 within a six-month period, the penalty may be a felony offense and may increase from there depending on the seriousness of the felony and the rest of the details in the charge. An Arlington credit card fraud lawyer could explain how these charges may apply to an individual’s specific case.

Defining Skimming

Skimming may be generally defined as picking small amounts here and small amounts there. In the context of credit card fraud, skimming is using a credit card without authorization in small amounts, taking out from somebody else’s account, or taking out of the credit card balance available without the owner or operator’s consent.

Skimming and Credit Card Fraud Charges

Skimming is technically not a legal term and is not an offense in the state of Virginia. Since it is not something that is going to be defined by law, a jury may not determine whether or not somebody is guilty of skimming. The determination on whether an individual is guilty of skimming will be captured by whether or not they receive a felony charge. The $200.00 over a six-month period line exists is so that if an individual skimmed an amount that adds up to over $200.00, they could still be charged with a felony.

Common Misconceptions

Some people may assume that if they have the authority to use the credit card once, they have the authority to keep using it. Using the card without the exclusive permission of somebody to obtain something of value could very well be a chargeable offense. Using a banking app or online payment service that belongs to or was created by someone else may also be an offense if express permission was not given. Individuals with questions on what may be considered credit card fraud could speak to an Arlington credit card fraud lawyer.

Role of an Arlington Credit Card Fraud Attorney

Virginia lawyers may play a two-fold role in cases. They could work as a liaison between officers conducting investigations of somebody who is suspected of committing these offenses or they may serve as a defense attorney for the person if the charges are provided to help them with the damages and fight for a not guilty verdict at trial. Contact an Arlington credit card fraud lawyer to prepare your defense if you are facing a credit card fraud charge.

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