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A robbery conviction in Arlington, Virginia may be followed by serious penalties. Aside from the damage on one’s reputation and strain on the family, a person found guilty of the offense could end up spending several decades in prison if the charges are serious enough. If you or a loved one has been charged with a robbery offense in Arlington, contact an Arlington robbery lawyer to discuss your case and build a defense. A well-practiced attorney could gather evidence and advocate on your behalf to clear your name.

Why Hire a Robbery Attorney

Individuals may be advised to hire an attorney because they may have experience representing people charged with robbery and may know how to defend against this type of case. Due to the seriousness of the charge, a person should consider that they may face 20 years to life if convicted.

While a case of this magnitude may not be appropriate for an inexperienced attorney, an experienced lawyer could use their knowledge to leverage an advantage against the prosecution by pointing out the errors that are in the case. This could potentially lead to the individual getting a better offer from the prosecution than they normally would.

Elements the Prosecutor Must Prove

A prosecutor may need to prove that a the of occurred and something of value taken from somebody else. They may also need to prove that there was the additional element of force or threat of force.

Misdemeanor or Felony

Robbery is a felony in the State of Virginia which in practical terms means that it is the most serious type of offense. A person could lose a lot by being convicted of a felony. Based on a person’s record, they may lose their right to vote and the right to carry arms in the State of Virginia. It could potentially prevent a person from getting a job. On the other hand, a person may save prison time as opposed to jail time and to a minimum of 20 years to life.

Preparing a Defense for Robbery

A criminal lawyer would begin preparing a defense for a robbery in Virginia by talking with the person and finding out where the robbery occurred, what they remember, who they remember was there. The attorney could use the information for the basis of an independent investigation. Depending on where the crime occurred, there might be cameras, witnesses, and culpable factors that the lawyer might use to prepare the defense and could start sitting with the evidence that could contradict the possible evidence. Attorneys should be willing to reach out and get police reports and information about what the prosecution may have against them, like whether they have an eyewitness testimony. They could listen to that eyewitness and find flaws in their testimony which police officers may be able to corroborate this information. Questions the attorney may ask the police could be:

  • Did these police officers record anything?
  • How did these officers get their evidence?
  • Were there any interrogations?
  • Was the person properly Mirandized?

There are a lot of different channels that an attorney is going to have to have to focus on to provide the best defense for the case. An Arlington robbery lawyer could help a person build their defense for a robbery case.

Why Hire a Local Criminal Lawyer

It could be important to hire a local criminal lawyer as opposed to one who has experience in the robbery field. It may be important to know the judges and their prosecutors as well as the type of individual to be on a jury should they ask for a jury trial or should a person want a jury trial in the long run. In the State of Virginia, it is a bifurcated jury trial, which means that the jury decides the sentence. While there are ways to file to undo what a jury decided, this may not be the ideal trial for an individual facing robbery charges. Since they see the person’s crime, they might give the person much more than a judge. It could be important to know what the tenor is and what the temperature is in a particular area, which might be possible if the attorney is a local council, has been there before and knows the people and the judges of the county. An Arlington robbery lawyer may be experienced in handling robbery cases in your area.

Materials To Bring For The First Meeting With Attorney

Information that a person should have available for the first meeting with an attorney is anything that they remember about the case, including people, places, time, and potential witnesses. Also, they could have available their criminal record or at least what they might remember that has occurred, such as any information regarding whether or not they were on probation or parole at the time of the event. Other information would be things that the defense attorney might use to prepare that defense, like alibis and also one’s goals. What is the person trying to do with this? Does the person know? Did they commit this crime? Is this person going to be sentenced or is that person just trying to get a good deal? If they argue they are innocent, the attorney may need to fight this case to the very end. Does the person understand the risks, but still want to fight it?

There are many ways that an attorney cannot prove such cases, so being honest with the attorney right away about one’s goals regarding a particular charge could be important.

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